Loans With Colorado Accident & Injury


The after-effects of a motor vehicle accident are not limited to physical injuries. At Colorado Accident & Injury, we understand the stress of the financial aftermath. Medical treatments and hospital bills can be astronomically expensive. There is even more worry and stress if you are unable to work because of your injuries. That is why we provide medical and legal services at Colorado Accident & Injury at no cost to you.


How Do We Treat You at No Cost?


So how does Colorado Accident & Injury offer complimentary comprehensive medical and legal services? We draw on multiple different resources to find the funds to cover your treatment plan. Our primary manner of payment is to work with auto insurance companies to cover all your costs for medical care. Until your case is settled, there is absolutely no cost to you.


What Are the Steps to Assessing Your Case?


When you decide to seek care with Colorado Accident & Injury, you will start with a free telephone consultation with Dr. Naquin. This is absolutely without charge and is simply an initial assessment, so our team can familiarize itself with the details of your case.


After this initial step, we will make an appointment for you to come in for an in-person doctor consultation. This takes place with Dr. Naquin and his team to perform a more detailed assessment of your injuries and your treatment needs.


At this point, you will then meet with our on-site case management concierge. They will help you make a financial agreement so that your care will be covered with no out-of-pocket cost to you. This includes getting in contact with the auto insurance companies of every party involved in the crash. This allows us to provide the best possible health treatments to you and your family.


After we complete these steps and start you on your custom-tailored care management plan, we can discuss whether you need our other services, such as referrals for legal, vehicle and financial assistance, while you are injured and unable to work.


What Is the Bottom Line?


At Colorado Accident & Injury, we aim to take the stress and frustration out of your healing by providing you with the best possible care. This includes covering the cost of your treatments by using loans and working with auto insurance companies. We believe that you should not have to focus on negotiating with insurance companies or be stressed by expensive medical treatments while you are injured and recovering. For this reason, we handle all of the financial and legal details while you enjoy the benefits of a custom-tailored care plan.


Our focus on the customer is what makes Colorado Accident & Injury truly unique. We do absolutely everything we can to make sure that your path to recovery is as easy and uncomplicated as possible. That is why we work with insurance companies and other financial institutions to provide you with the best medical care free of cost.



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