Improving Neck Pain – Interventional Pain Management & Chiropractors

Improving Neck Pain – Interventional Pain Management & Chiropractors

Neck pain is one of the most common problems that can occur after a vehicle accident. The neck bones and tissues are quite fragile, and treating these areas often requires a lot of precision. Rather than opting for aggressive and invasive treatments like surgery, many doctors will recommend interventional pain management, including seeing a chiropractor in Colorado Springs,  for managing neck pain.

Interventional pain management consists of a number of different treatments that are minimally invasive or otherwise less intensive than the average surgical procedure.

Examples of Interventional Pain Management for Neck Pain

The treatment that your pain management doctor decides upon will depend upon the cause of your injury. They may perform an interventional procedure themselves or recommend that you see a chiropractor in Colorado Springs.

By far the most common injury of the neck in the case of car accidents is whiplash. Whiplash occurs when the neck suddenly swings forward as the result of a collision, damaging or rupturing the connective tissues or ligaments in the area.

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Neck pain can also occur because of spinal injuries, such as compressed vertebrae pinching nerves, or other issues associated with the accident.

Facet block injections

Facet block injections are specifically designed procedures that help improve injuries of the spinal column or the neck. This procedure involves injecting the facet joints, which connect to the vertebrae together, with anesthetic or steroid medication. Doing this helps to restore function to the joint as well as relieving pain.

Nerve blocks

Nerve blocks are another type of injection therapy, however, they are different from a facet block injection. The purpose of a nerve block is to desensitize the nerve so it can stop sending pain signals to the brain.

Nerve blocks can be useful for treating pain caused by all manner of different conditions. The versatility of nerve block injections makes them popular among vehicle accident doctors.

Electrical stimulation

Electrical stimulation therapy is another form of treatment that can provide relief from neck pain and injuries like whiplash. This procedure involves implanting a small electrical device under the skin.

This device is set up to mimic the action of your nervous system.  However, it overrides the nerves and transmits electrical signals instead of the standard nerve impulse. Instead of receiving a pain signal, you will instead feel a slight shock or buzzing sensation.

Cryogenic cooling

This technique is not used often, but it can be helpful for relieving pain caused by vehicle accidents. Cryogenic cooling works by freezing the nerve, thereby preventing it from sending pain signals to the brain.

This treatment is fairly similar to radiofrequency rhizotomy, however, its effects are generally short-lived. The nerve may remain frozen and cooled for several weeks, but the treatment is not permanent.


Manipulation techniques for neck pain usually involve adjusting the cervical spine and are usually performed by a chiropractor. Chiropractors are experts at healing imbalances in the musculoskeletal system. These adjustments can help to restore function and relieve pain following a vehicle injury.


Neck pain is one of the most common problems associated with vehicle accidents. Intervention pain doctors, as well as chiropractor Colorado Springs, are well-equipped to treat these difficulties with a number of different techniques.

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