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The multi-discipline approach used at Colorado Accident & Injury incorporates massage therapy into its basic recovery options. Massage therapy is beneficial for its pain and stress reduction properties, as well as its contribution to psychological and diagnostic well-being.


Massage therapy is an integral component of recovery options at Colorado Accident & Injury. The practice fits very well into the holistic approach that the clinic espouses. The practice of massage adds a literally “hands-on” addition to our diagnostic workup due to its ability to discover the source of muscle, ligament and bone pain. A massage also provides you with a bio-feedback mechanism, allowing you to identify and evaluate areas of tension and stress.


Massage therapy is a time-tested relaxation technique that is also one of the best treatments ever devised to help someone recover from the shock of an accident. That shock can remain deeply embedded in your muscle memory, resulting in stress that other treatments only dance around. Massage therapy allows you to find the epicenter of your stress, the source of your ongoing pain and tension.


Massage therapy also compliments every other practice modality at Colorado Accident & Injury. The team approach involving chiropractic medicine, physical therapy, pain management, and massage covers a lot of territory in addressing recovery from a whole-person perspective.

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Massage is a medication-free pain management practice, which is especially important in an era of rampant opioid pain medication addiction. The more you can rely on non-pharmaceutical options that risk addiction and various side effects, the better. Meanwhile, a relaxed body heals quicker and a relaxed mind is more accepting and forgiving to life’s daily stresses. As such, massage therapy is an organic approach to pain management that is hard to replicate by other treatment options.


Massage and chiropractic medicine complement each other well. If you are feeling stressed about a chiropractic adjustment, a massage can help you relax in a manner that makes the adjustment more successful. Similarly, a massage after a chiropractic adjustment can help your body return to normal and restore a centered body awareness after an injury.


Stress does not promote healing. The key to a quick recovery is to remain relaxed and as pain-free as possible. Massage therapy can ensure good muscle and nervous system responses to the active and passive treatment techniques deployed by a physical therapist.


At Colorado Accident & Injury, we believe in a complimentary menu of healing services. We believe in a balanced approach. We also believe the psychological stress caused by a traumatic accident is often overlooked in conventional medicine. Relaxed muscles result in reduced tension and improved circulation. This allows the body to reduce swelling and decrease pain.


Massage therapy option at Colorado Accident & Injury allows us to follow through on our pledge to assist in your recovery with no stone left unturned. There are times when outside referrals are required to ensure the right specialist is available to you. Our staff, meanwhile, remains dedicated to doing all they can to restore you to the active, pain-free lifestyle you enjoyed before the accident.

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