Medical Pain Management


Automobile accidents often result in specific bodily injury that can be extremely painful. Called nociceptive pain, this refers to acute sensory overload resulting from tissue damage, including broken bones and lacerations.


While this type of pain is generally easier to respond to than neuropathology pain (such as headaches and other nervous system illnesses), the process of healing remains linked to the level of pain you are feeling.


Historically, pain was considered a normal, even necessary part of healing. Today, the medical community no longer accepts the premise that pain is necessary for returning to your normal self after a traumatic injury.


Pain-free healing is not just more comfortable. It turns out, waiting for the pain to go away slows the recovery process because someone in pain prefers to stay inactive until they get better. This is often detrimental to your overall health and healing.


Of course, some healing requires stabilization of the injury. Inactivity, however, slows your metabolism and your circulatory system, which slows recovery. It can also add to your problems by creating stiff joints, atrophied muscles, and psychological resistance. Slow healing can also give rise to new medical problems, such as bed sores and bursitis that could be avoided with a faster, more active healing strategy.


At Colorado Accident & Injury, we believe in a proactive recovery process that includes pain management, physical therapy, chiropractic intervention, and massage therapy. If returning to an active, pain-free lifestyle is your goal, then we want to get started on that right away.


Luckily modern medicine has many tools at its disposal to help manage pain with non-pharmaceutical and carefully managed pharmaceutical choices. For non-pharmaceutical pain relief, massage, chiropractic, and physical therapy are key. In addition, electric nerve stimulation, ultrasound applied heat, cold compresses, epidural steroid injections, appropriate referrals, and acupuncture are commonly chosen options.


Proper pain management begins with an accurate diagnosis. Pain is the result of nerve damage or irritated nerve roots. While attempting to eliminate the source of the pain, techniques for disrupting pain sensations on their way to the brain are also effective management tools until proper healing has taken place.


The bottom line: If you have been in an automobile accident, we can help. We have created a one-stop service that answers to a variety of healing solutions for automobile accident injuries. With massage, chiropractic, physical therapy, and pain management practices all under one roof, Colorado Accident & Injury is designed to take you step by step through the recovery process from injury until you are back on your feet.


The team approach at Colorado Accident & Injury is highly enhanced by the close connection of our various specialists. We do not have communication gaps that plague services that are scattered around a region. When we say our teams work closely together to coordinate services and avoid redundancies and confusion, we really mean it.



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