Physical Therapy in Colorado Springs, CO

At Colorado Accident & Injury, our team is dedicated to restoring you to the active, pain-free lifestyle that you were accustomed to prior to an automobile accident.


The physical therapist is a key member of your healing network. Physical therapists work directly with someone who is injured and coordinates treatment plans with a team of experts. Our goal is to use both active and passive treatment options to facilitate lasting, long-term healing.


The physical therapist is an instrumental part of the diagnostic team and a critical evaluator who documents the impact an injury has on your functional life. Perhaps you have lost strength or the range of motion in one of your limbs, your neck or your back. A physical therapist can measure and quantify these physiological functions to document your case for further treatment.


When it comes to healing, there is only so much medication can do. Eventually, healing from injuries requires restoring the movement and strength lost due to an injury. This requires a dedicated team willing to help you through the sometimes slow and arduous journey back to full health.


The process of physical therapy is gentle and slow, sometimes involving passive therapy, such as ultrasound deep heat applications, neuromuscular electric stimulation or heat, and cold compresses. Active physical therapy methods are also used. These include stretching and exercising in highly specific ways to restore functioning of muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves. The exercises target injured tissues or connected groups of tissues to facilitate faster healing.


Physical therapy is also an excellent way to recover from the mental anguish that is caused by a sudden accident. The psychological advantages of physical therapy start with a positive feeling you get when you actively take part in your own recovery. Physical therapy provides a clear self-esteem boost once you understand you are doing all you can to restore your health.


As you learn the exact extent of your injuries, you stop despairing over imagined infirmities. Your injuries are quantitative and they can be mitigated and overcome or you can find adaptive means of moving forward. Physical therapists are also expert coaches, who chart your progress and know when you need a pat on the back or a little extra motivation to reach your goals.


At Colorado Accident & Injury, the goal of physical therapy is full restoration of pain-free movement and flexibility and improved strength and confidence. All of this begins with a proper diagnosis and a treatment plan and continues with ongoing networking with the rest of your recovery team for up-to-date assessments and treatment modifications when necessary.


The benefits of Physical Therapy include:


  • Quantified measurements of the functional impact of your injuries
  • Pin-point diagnostic input
  • Ability to focus on specific soft tissue damage, such as muscles, ligaments, tendons, connective tissue
  • Holistic elimination of pain through gentle progress, restoration of function and passive healing techniques
  • Improved metabolic and circulatory functions
  • Reduction of reliance on medication for pain relief
  • Psychological healing from injuries
  • Quantified documentation of injuries to provide feedback to the rest of your support network (of chiropractors, doctors, massage therapists, and others)
  • Participatory treatment – a chance to become part of your healing team
  • Demonstrated proof you are taking your healing seriously
  • A quicker recovery
  • Restoration of some function as healing progresses
  • Preventing further damage through quicker healing, an understanding of limitations, short-term progress and as needed mitigation.


At Colorado Accident and Injury, we believe the healing process involves a complete team approach that includes ongoing communication and participation among chiropractic, massage therapy, pain management, and physical therapy support teams – and with you. Full participation in the recovery process is the best way to achieve quantified, long-term healing.


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