Interventional Pain Management for Accident Victims

Interventional Pain Management for Accident Victims

Pain of any kind can have far-reaching effects on our emotional, physical and intellectual wellbeing. Chronic and acute pain that lasts for weeks, months, or even years can result in many complications and stop us from doing everything we love.  Sleep disorders, decreased mental alertness, social anxiety, and depression are some of the effects of chronic pain.

Fortunately, there are many medical procedures that can help you overcome extreme long-term pain so you can have your life back. One of the services that Colorado Accident and Injury provides for accident victims is interventional pain management.

Lacerations, broken bones, and other types of accident injuries can be very painful. In addition, scientists have found that extreme pain can slow down the healing process. At Colorado Accident and Injury, we believe you can have a pain-free healing process for accidents and injuries.

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What is Interventional Pain Management

Interventional Pain Management involves using different techniques to block or cloud pain. Accident victims can perform their daily activities without worrying about the pain through these life-saving techniques. There are different techniques involved in interventional pain management. The technique used on a patient usually depends on the site of injury and the level and duration of pain. Electrostimulation, nerve blocks, and injections are some of the most common interventional pain management procedures.

If you suffer from chronic pain that affects your daily activities, you should contact our pain management Colorado Springs centers for instant relief through interventional pain management and other procedures.

Types of Interventional Pain Management Treatments

As stated earlier, your condition and symptoms will decide the kind of pain management technique you can receive. Here are some techniques that pain management doctors use to help patients with chronic pain from accidents and injuries.

Nerve Blocks

When a body part is troubled, it sends pain signals through the nerves to the brain. The brain processes the signal, and you feel the pain in the body part. Nerve blocks can stop these signals from reaching the brain. There are different kinds of nerve blocks with varying levels of effects. Some are injected into the site to cause temporary relief for hours or days. For more permanent results, surgery may be needed.


Facet or spinal injections, trigger injections, and Steroid injections can also provide relief from pain. These injections are injected in specific body parts to help reduce inflammation and reduce the symptoms of different painful and debilitating medical conditions.


Another interventional pain management technique is electrostimulation. This technique involves using a small, imperceptible current of electricity to reduce pain. Electrical charges are sent through the spine to modulate the nerves and stop the brain from perceiving extreme levels of pain.

Have you been in an accident? Are you feeling extreme pain that is stopping you from doing all the things you love? Pain is not normal and can stop your injury from healing fast. Our pain management doctors Colorado Springs can help you overcome the pain through interventional pain management and other safe and effective procedures.

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