Safety Features of Your Car

Safety Features of Your Car

At Colorado Accident & Injury, a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted health clinic, we are devoted to keeping automobile drivers and passengers as safe as possible. We are experts at post-accident diagnosis, as well as post-accident documentation and treatment, deploying our team of chiropractors, physical therapists, pain management experts, massage, and post-trauma specialists to put you on the path for quick and successful healing. 


Needless to say, we are thrilled when potential patients safely walk away from any accident – although we also stress that symptoms of many injuries do not show up right away, prompting us to say you should call us after any serious accident to be thoroughly checked out by our team. 

With a focus on injury prevention, however, let’s look at the newer features on cars designed to keep anyone in a car safe. When shopping around for a new car, you should put safety as an uncompromised priority. Before you buy, talked to any automobile dealer about these new features that are on the market today.


Seat belts

 Yes, seat belts. As required by law and common sense. 


Check our blog post on airbags and, yes, these are required on new cars and should be high on your list of particulars when you buy a used car (taking note that some cars have been in accidents and the owner of the vehicle may have circumvented legal requirements and not re-installed the airbags. Always ask before you buy it.



Crash Avoidance

More and more cars each year are being outfitted with a forward and backing up collision warning systems. Authorities acknowledge the benefit of both. These systems go as far as giving you a warning before a crash through noise-making alerts, steering wheel vibrations, and automatic braking.


Front and rear-facing cameras

 A feature once relegated to luxury cars, cameras mounted in front and behind a car can relay images to a screen in the dashboard so you can see what might otherwise be missed. These cameras give drivers a wider range of visual acuity (essentially, a panoramic viewpoint) of what is happening low to the road and right to left.


Better headlights

 You can now find several automakers who have outfitted cars with “adoptive headlights.” These are headlights that change direction, taking their cue from the steering wheel. This makes it safer to go around a curve, as the headlights turn to help see what’s around that curve.


See that blind spot

Some cars have various features designed to eliminate the trouble that arises from that blind spot in your side and to your rear. Due to the cabin frame supports in a car, there are often spots that are impossible to see as another car comes up behind you, but before they are even with the driver’s line of vision. New systems provide various warning alerts based on what the cameras see in your blind spots.


Help to change lanes

Several problems could arise if you are changing lanes either intentionally or unintentionally. A car at your flank, behind in either one of several potential blind spots can send warning signals to drivers when changing lanes or when a car in your immediate area is changing lanes.


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