Why You Should You See A Chiropractor After A Car Accident

Why You Should You See A Chiropractor After A Car Accident

Many people walk away from a car accident believing they were not injured. Unfortunately for some, they wake up the next day or even a week later and discover that their body feels aches and pains all over. Some feel they are sprained and others wake up with a headache or lower back pain.


Your body isn’t exactly putting off the pain when this happens. Your body’s response to an injury just happens to be slower with some injuries than with others. Inflammation, for example, which puts pressure on nerves and causes pain, can come on slowly. With inflammation pain, you might not register the distress for a day or more.

In addition, many people feel that mild aches and pains are simply a matter of inflammation that will subside over time. This, too, is not entirely correct. The inflammation may, indeed, subside. But the reason the inflammation has occurred has not been addressed.


Injuries can cause micro-tearing of soft tissue, such as muscles and ligaments, which, in turn, keeps your joints in place, where they can function properly. The spine, too, is not only made up of bony vertebrae. The spine is also comprised of muscles and ligaments. 


Micro-tearing of these soft tissues, while damaging, does not always show up in an X-ray. When this occurs, primary care physicians could be inclined to prescribe a painkiller, which still avoids taking care of the underlying injury.


Here is where a chiropractic intervention can help enormously. Chiropractic medicine relies on holistic principles, which can be translated basically into a “whole person” approach to medicine. Chiropractic medicine, in so many words, is a practice that aims for the root cause of the problem.


Here are a few reasons chiropractic services at Colorado Accident & Injury can help you recover after an automobile accident. A post-accident response can make the difference between ongoing problems or healing properly.


Reducing Inflammation


Chiropractic interventions are designed to position bones, joints, muscles, and ligaments back to their most optimal positions. Remember, all these systems work together to create a fully functioning body.


Less scar tissue


Scar tissue could be described as a bead of welding that holds to pieces of metal together. With scar tissue, however, blood vessels may not regenerate, which explains why scar tissue often feels the cold quicker and more intensely than tissue with adequate blood flow.


Pain relief


Chiropractic services lower pain and promote quicker healing. Pain is reduced in both duration and intensity. This all works holistically. Better alignment equals quicker healing, which promotes a faster reduction of inflammation. It also means less pain.


Emotional Recovery


Often overlooked is the emotional damage from an automobile accident and from sustaining an injury. We are only human. When you are injured, you have a new worry on your plate. If you can reduce the pain and return to normal functioning faster, you will diminish the stress, worry, sadness, and other emotional reactions to having been in an automobile accident.


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