Auto Accidents can damage your neck

Auto Accidents can damage your neck

A minor fender bender may seem harmless, especially if you feel no pain right after the accident. Even your car may not have been damaged much. However, even minor accidents can cause significant damage to the neck, without the damage being apparent. And hours or days later, you may start experiencing neck pain with the pain getting worse with time.

Whiplash may not show up right away

Whiplash, an injury that results the neck being suddenly thrown forwards and then backwards, as in a car accident. Whiplash doesn’t always show up right away. It could be because the body releases adrenaline to prepare you to deal with the crisis.

However, hours or days later, whiplash can cause neck pain, headaches, arm pain, dizziness, blurred vision, smell issues, and fatigue.

Whiplash can affect your brain and other organs

Whiplash is a neck injury, but damage to your neck can even affect your memory and concentration, making it hard for you to focus. Damage from whiplash can also affect your bowels and bladder.

A pain management doctor can help you with all of these issues if they’re caused by whiplash or other musculoskeletal or nerve related issues. The doctor will first determine the cause of your pain and other symptoms and then design a personalized treatment plan to help you obtain lasting pain relief.


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