Chiropractic Basics

Chiropractic Basics

More than likely, most adults know that chiropractic treatments help realign the spinal column to increase functioning or regain correct posture. But many people overlook one of the primary applications of chiropractic medicine, which is to reduce or eliminate pain.


Is this effective? Let’s answer that question with one overwhelming medical fact, which is that 22 million Americans choose chiropractic medicine treatments each year. Of these, 35 percent, according to WebMD, are seeking pain relief when they undergo a session with their chiropractic specialist. That translates to 7.7 million persons seeking a chiropractor to reduce or eliminate pain. No matter how you slice it, that’s an enormous endorsement of chiropractic medicine. The most common types of pain that draw patients to a chiropractic service are back pain, sports injuries, and muscle stress. These often occur in the neck, arms, legs.


That said, car accident doctors in Colorado Springs working at Colorado Accident and Injury are ready to help reduce pain for car accident victims. This in part explains the clinic’s multi-discipline, holistic approach. In the first place, the team that includes neuropsychology, speech therapy, physical therapy, and pain management specialists, are ready to document and treat patients suffering from an enormous range of car accident injuries.

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Why Turn To Chiropractic Care?


Most doctors prescribe medication to their patients and offer surgeries that are prohibitively expensive and sometimes do not work. Medication often treats the symptoms but does not get to the root cause of the ailment. This can lead to frustration and possible relapse. If the cause of the pain is not addressed, the symptoms could just flare up sometime in the future. By combining pain management services and chiropractic medicine in the same clinic, the team approach will cover both symptoms and the root cause of a patient’s distress.


Medication is a crucial part of healing in many cases. There is always the fear that pain medication simply makes the pain conveniently disappear which allows people to return quickly – and sometimes too quickly –- to their prior level of activity. This practice is called masking the symptoms which are expected in many cases to put patients at risk of repeating the same injury because the medication can fool a patient into thinking they are fully healed when they are not.


It always pays to treat the source of the problem while managing the level of pain. In the first place, certain levels of pain are simply intolerable. In the second place, if the medication is managed well you can minimize your risk of addiction. Also, healing can be slowed by ongoing pain because the body feels the stress and energy depletion that comes with all pain and slow gain approaches. In a broad sense, it is easy to understand the concept of pain medication. Some form of pharmaceutical relief is applied through pills, injections, inhalers, and other delivery systems.


After a Car Accident


Even a minor car accident throws your skeletal and spinal systems out of proper alignment, creating all kinds of trouble for the patient. Every system from the nervous system to your gastrointestinal tract operates with direct interactions with the spinal cord. The number of symptoms and disturbances this can create are enormous.

Patients often do not know their spinal cord is off-kilter. They complain of nausea, headaches, sore muscles, tension, and functional issues that run the gamut of human life. Walking, talking, thinking, using your arms … the symptoms may be diverse and chaotic. When more than one system is breaking down at the same time, this is a surefire hint that you should see a chiropractor.


Chiropractic medicine is the perfect, balancing complement to pain management. Applying the right pressure to realign the body in its most functional shape can result in immediate pain relief. However, it often takes a few chiropractic sessions to have lasting relief, as recently injured tissues often require long-term healing, which can forcer the manipulated systems to fall out of alignment again. With proper chiropractic care, a follow visit is very important. This allows the chiropractor a chance to measure the progress being made.


Few chiropractors in Colorado Springs live up to the promise of supplying a holistic approach to their services. Colorado Accident and Injury, where the focus is on documented and treating victims of the car accident, offers speech therapy, pain management, neuropsychology, physical therapy, and massage therapy in one clinic. We not only talk about our services as a holistic, whole-person, multi-discipline clinic. We also walk the walk.

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