Choosing A Pain Clinic: The Basics

Choosing A Pain Clinic: The Basics

Choosing a pain clinic after an automobile accident is a critical decision for your recovery process. Many people around the world are treated for pain issues all the time and the pain spectrum is varied depending on the source of the pain, the condition causing the pain, and the person who is suffering. For this reason, it is valuable to choose a clinic that is very well connected to the surrounding medical community and has a wide range of expertise at its disposal. A small clinic may be able to give you more individualized treatment, but their options could be limited and their ability to coordinate services with other specialties could be limited, as well.


Pain management is a relatively new specialty, but pain management has been around since the beginnings of the medical profession. Modern pain management options range from very effective pharmaceutical options to a variety of alternative options that include acupuncture, hypnosis, massage therapy, and electronic stimulation to block or disrupt pain signals from going to the brain. Of course, healing strategies are also improving day by day, which is certainly a direct improvement on the levels of pain people must endure.


Today’s Pain Management Specialist 


Today’s pain management specialists are fully trained medical experts. In the United States, there are two different organizations that certify pain management specialists, but the training is extensive for both organizations.


A pain management specialist starts with a medical degree, which gives you an M.D. after your name, or as a doctor of osteopathic medicine, which is designated with a D.O. after your name. 


Pain management specialists must all pass the U.S. Medical License Exam. They most often then join a residency program, although this is not a requirement for practicing in the United States. Most doctors complete a residency program, anyway, as it helps them learn and connect with important hospitals, universities, and colleges.


Three Specialties


Pain management physicians are trained in one or more of the following specialties: Anesthesiology, physical pain, and rehabilitation or neurology.


Frequently, however, pain management specialists also chose advanced training in either radiology, emergency medicine, radiology, or psychiatry.


  • Certification


After residence is completed, doctors can seek additional training or seek certification through the American Board of Medical Specialties. The American Board of Pain Medicine also certifies some doctors. The latter group requires doctors to complete a residency program, while the first does not.


  • Teamwork


Pain management specialists also seek training in a variety of ancillary medical specialties. These include:


– Occupational therapy 

– Chiropractic services

– Acupuncture

– Massage

– Meditation

– Psychological counseling

– Cognitive treatment

– Water therapy

– Nutrition counseling


Not every pain clinic can offer a full range of options. However, if they cannot, don’t be discouraged if the pain clinic you chose is short one or two options, as long as they are open to referring patients to the right specialist when the time comes. (Teamwork is not always just in one clinic. Sometimes it involves the local medical community.)


  • What questions should you ask?


When you arrive at a pain management clinic for the first time, be ready with questions to find out what kind of treatment options they offer. You should also ask about the certifications and training of the doctors. 


You should also ask about how much the clinic relies on opioid pain medication. Addiction to opioid pain medicine is a major concern throughout the medical community. Be sure to discuss your own medical history with special consideration for any substance abuse or addiction that you may be dealing with in your life.



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