Common Automobile Crash Injuries

Common Automobile Crash Injuries

According to U.S. government data, there are over 40,000 automobile accident-related fatalities in the country each year. There are also two million people each year who are involved in an automobile accident that leaves them with a permanent injury.

Needless to say, these are frightening statistics. At Colorado Accident & Injury, we are extremely aware of the life-changing injuries sustained in an automobile accident. Our multi-discipline approach to patient care, involving chiropractic services, pain management, massage, and physical therapy in one health center is the healthiest approach to both diagnosing and documenting your injuries and supporting patients with their critical road to recovery.

Drivers and passengers should be extremely vigilant and careful after a car accident, even one in which you don’t believe you are injured. Fractures, which include spinal injuries, can occur without the victim realizing it and these are injuries with the potential to create more serious problems.

The first call you make after an accident should be to an automobile accident specialist who can advise you whether or not to call an ambulance, proceed to the nearest emergency room or make an appointment to see a physician. Needless to say, these are crucial decisions that accident victims often fail to make because of the “heat of the moment” and the emotional pressure that arises immediately after an accident.

Be aware that many injuries do not show up right away. Your body could go into shock, which is a response to extreme situations in which your body protects itself by concentrating its metabolic powers to your vital organs. As such, a full appreciation for your injuries may not be realized until the body comes out of shock.

Here is a list of common injuries that occur during automobile accidents with advice on how to react to them. Remember, many of these injuries may not be noticeable right after an accident.

Traumatic head injuries

Swelling or bleeding in the brain can result in permanent brain damage. But swelling and bleeding could be a slow-developing problem of which victims are not immediately aware.

Spinal cord injuries

Severe spinal cord injuries show up quickly, but many people experience just slight fractures of bones that do not result in discomfort until later. A thorough examination is critical to see if there are injuries that you might be surprised are even there.

Back injuries

Besides the spinal column, critical muscles and tendons that could be injured, as well. The best course of action is to have a thorough medical exam as soon as possible.

Internal injuries

Hemorrhaging is the term for bleeding internally in a manner that does not result in visible bleeding, as the released blood stays under the skin. Besides, a sharp poke could injure critical organs without your immediate awareness of them.


Another common injury that is not always readily apparent is whiplash. This injury can be extremely painful, even if it is not obvious until a day or two after an accident. Whiplash refers to a sudden jolt that causes your body to move faster than your head, such that your neck suffers a strain from mild to severe.

What to do

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