Concussion Treatment in Colorado

Concussion Treatment in Colorado

A concussion is one of the injuries that can be sustained from a motor crash. It is fairly common and can range from a variety of minor symptoms to quite major ones. It is a form of brain injury that disrupts the brain’s functions and leads to an array of unwanted symptoms. Some of these symptoms are headaches or migraines, nausea, confusion, loss of memory, slurring of speech, drowsiness, and others. Concussions happen when the head comes into contact with any hard object. But, a direct hit to the head is not the only cause of a concussion. A blow to the face, neck, or other parts of the body may cause the brain to jolt or collide with the inside of the skull, resulting in a concussion.

Concussion Treatment

Vestibular assessment is one of the standard treatments for concussions. When patients exhibit symptoms such as dizziness or staggering when moving, a therapist may recommend vestibular therapy. Therapists also recommend frequent sessions of physical therapy for trauma-induced migraine, sensitivity to noise or light. Reduction of stressful activities can alleviate other signs of concussion such as anxiety or mood swings, increased testiness, or depression implementation.

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Not all concussion cases are the same, so therapists use different forms of treatment for each patient. They craft a procedure that is particular to an individual’s needs, paying attention to the patient’s sex, age, and medical history. The most important treatment is rest. However, patients have to move around as much as they can as physical activities help treat concussions faster.

Seek Treatments Immediately

It is important to note that a concussion is not a structural injury. Just one blow will not cause the brain to collapse or the face to become misshapen, although consistent hits can lead to a structural injury over time. A concussion is a metabolic injury that disrupts the natural order of the brain. So, no special scan or imaging will show a concussion. This is why doctors recommend that patients should seek treatments immediately after they begin to notice some symptoms of concussion.

Concussions may be with or without loss of consciousness. It is erroneous to think that only those people who lose consciousness after impact to the brain have a concussion. The majority of the people with concussions do not lose consciousness. A concussion doesn’t cause bleeding, swelling, or bruising in the brain, except it is severe, it may be difficult for therapists to determine.

Summing Up

The patient should take note of symptoms as well as the gap in concussion so that the therapist will be better able to work out the proper routine to place him on. If the patient is experiencing symptoms like difficulty sleeping, trouble learning new information, fatigue, etc., the therapist can recommend a regime like home stretches, setting a sleep schedule, or some relaxation techniques to balance out the disrupted chemical flow in the brain.

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