Different Treatment Plans for Accident Victims

Different Treatment Plans for Accident Victims

There’s a wide selection of medical procedures and treatment plans that are available to patients who have suffered different degrees of injuries and accidents. The type of treatment plan prescribed will be determined by the type of injury that has been suffered. One very important key to recovering from accident injuries is ensuring that you’re on the right treatment plan.

Though the severity of road accidents can range from minor to severe or fatal, every road accident victim suffers some form of emotional and physical effects from the unforeseen events. It’s for this reason that you need professional attention immediately after an accident happens. The different treatments that are available for different injuries include;

  • Neck/Back and Spinal Injuries

Medical treatment for back, neck, and general spinal injuries include over-the-counter medication, chiropractic care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, pain electrical muscle stimulation, orthopedic evaluation by specialists, hot and cold pack treatments, neurological evaluation, ultrasound, TENS unit, therapeutic exercises, epidural steroid injections, nerve and facet blocks.

Surgical operations including discectomy, laminectomy, spinal fusion, and microdiscectomy are usually the last resort for this type of injury.

  • Knee Injuries

Treatment for knee injuries will include over-the-counter medication, physical therapy, orthopedic evaluation, joint aspiration, knee immobilization, knee surgery, or arthroscopy. The surgery may include one of the following procedures; ACL reconstructive surgery, lateral release, lateral release, meniscus repair, meniscectomy, meniscus transplant, tendon repair, plica surgery, total knee replacement, microfracture surgery, and unicompartmental knee replacement.

  • Shoulder injuries

Treatment for shoulder injuries may include medication, physical therapy, orthopedic evaluation, or surgical operation such as rotator cuff repair, arthroscopic debridement, shoulder replacement, arthroscopic Bankart procedure (labral repair), and shoulder stabilization.

  • Bone fractures

Medical treatment for bone fractures may include medications, orthopedic evaluation, physical therapy, occupational therapy, splinting, casting, immobilization, and open reduction internal fixation (ORIF) surgery.

  • Brain Injuries

Medical treatment for brain injuries looks different for each patient because of its complexity. Irrespective, most brain injuries will necessitate initial intensive care consisting of a ventilator, Foley catheter, nasogastric tube, pulse oximeter, and EKG monitoring. It also includes medication, acute rehabilitation, brain surgery, post-acute rehabilitation, subacute rehabilitation, day treatment and outpatient therapy, home health and community services, independent living programs, occupational therapy, physical therapy, recreational therapist, speech therapy, and neuropsychological treatment and evaluation.

  • Burn Injuries

Treatment of burn injuries will include frequent bandaging, wound care, skin grafting, and debridement, plastic or reconstructive surgery.

  • Psychological and emotional distress

Physical injuries tend to give rise to emotional and psychological distress and disorders. These conditions can be treated by over-the-counter medications, psychological counseling, and therapy.

The treatment option you go with will depend on your doctor’s recommendation. Colorado Accidents & Injuries specializes in chiropractic and physical therapy services, especially to accident and injury victims who desire to get a lasting solution to their pain.

Colorado Accidents & Injuries Center provides you with some of the best pain management doctors in Colorado Spring. Whatever your symptoms are, car accident doctors in Colorado Springs provide a holistic approach to the treatment of your injuries. Book an appointment today!

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