Don’t Make These Common Mistakes After An Auto Accident

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes After An Auto Accident

When you get into an automobile accident, it is almost impossible not to feel rattled in some way. You may be seriously hurt and require medical attention, or you may be shocked at the sudden impact and expense an accident will have on your life. If it is the former, if you are hurt, you will need to seek medical treatment immediately. (If you are not hurt, you should still seek medical validation of your state of health. Please read further.) In any event, most people become anxious after even a modest automobile accident and cannot always be relied on to make proper decisions. Let’s review a few of the major mistakes people make after an automobile accident, as some of these could cost you money or get you in trouble with the law.


Leaving the Scene of An Accident


This is truly one of the biggest mistakes you can make after an automobile accident. It is also illegal to leave the scene of an accident that causes harm to someone or someone’s property. Therefore, it is illegal to leave the scene if you just dent someone’s car, and nobody appears hurt.

The next huge mistake, which we will review in detail, is not seeking medical attention after an accident. We bring this up here because there are serious injuries that occur during an automobile accident that does not show up right away. The physical pain could be delayed. As such, even a minor accident could result in a physical injury even if everyone involved says they feel alright, and they were not hurt. They may be telling the truth at the time, as far as they know, but you could be leaving the scene in which someone was injured without knowing it. Don’t leave the scene until someone of authority – generally, a police officer – says it is OK to do so.


 Declining Medical Assistance


Declining medical assistance after an automobile accident is a big mistake for several reasons. In terms of health alone, you could have sustained injuries that include head trauma, spinal cord injuries, and severe muscle strains without even knowing you have been hurt. The commonly known injury called “whiplash,” in fact, is characterized by the delayed reaction to it.


Indeed, from a medical point of view, you should seek medical help after an accident. You should ask for a thorough medical examination, if possible, from an automobile injury specialist who knows what to look for and is familiar with the types of injuries that include delayed reactions.


Moreover, from a legal standpoint, declining medical attention is a serious mistake, because the other party can always claim you weren’t hurt by the auto accident but by something else. They can also claim your injuries were not severe, since you put off seeking help.


Don’t Talk To The Opposing Party


The other party’s insurance company or lawyer may reach out to talk to you to get your side of the story, but telling them anything at all could cost you dearly. These are professionals whose job it is to save the company or the d defendant money, and they are not listening to you out of sympathy. They are hoping you make a mistake and admit something – even something minor – that will allow them to shift the blame for the accident on you and to reduce your settlement.


Always have a lawyer do your talking for you. They are objective. They know the right things to say and what not to say. And they are not you, so some of the incidental factors – such as saying “I don’t know” to a question can be pinned on them with no harm done. When you say “I don’t know” to a question, there is a way to spin that, so you look guilty. When a lawyer says it, it’s not a factor.


Handling the Case By Yourself


There are specialists who know precisely how to complete paperwork and what to say when the need arises to make sure you either get the best settlement or pay the least amount after an automobile accident. This is a specialized field in which the mistakes you make are often codified messages that most people would assume are casual parts of a conversation. You don’t know all the rules, but a specialist does.


Similarly, don’t handle the medical recovery by yourself. Obviously, you want the best for yourself, but healing can be delayed, and pain can persist if you start off attempting to be your own doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist after an accident.


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