Driving Safety

Driving Safety

While Colorado Accident & Injury exists to take care of people after an automobile accident – with multi-service modalities, expert care, and documentation, pain management options, and more – we are huge fans of our patients not getting in an accident in the first place. Driving is dangerous. Even doctors end up in car wrecks on occasion. Physical injuries, we know, are not the only damaging aspect of auto accidents – there’s financial and emotional pain as well. So, let’s review the top reasons people get into accidents because some of them are easily prevented, reducing your risk of even dialing us on the phone in the first place.



Distractions are often cited as the No. 1 cause of automobile accidents. (We tend to think that any and all causes of accidents are equally important; this list isn’t meant to rank causes of accidents, as any cause is potentially injurious.)

Distractions are often said to be on the increase due to everyone having a phone on their person these days, putting a very ominous habit in your hands. We recommend all the technical gadgets required to make phone calls from your car as safe as possible. Your eyes should be on the road at all times, but your mind needs to be engaged by the activity of driving, as well.

Drunk Driving

Sadly, drunk driving puts both the inebriated drive and completely innocent drivers at risk. Needless to say, don’t put yourself in a position of driving while intoxicated. Plan ahead for a safe driver to take you home.


If you are the driver who is not intoxicated, learn to spot at-risk vehicles and call them into the authorities if you are truly suspicious. Keep tabs on the hours you are on the road, as peak hours for drunk driving accidents include happy hours (early evenings) and whenever the bar closes in your state. Be aware, as well, that most holidays include festivities that involve alcohol.


Driving too fast

This is certainly one cause for accidents that can be eliminated by choice. Remember, as well; speed limits are set for optimal conditions. If it’s raining, sleeting, snowing – slow down.


Reckless driving

Reckless driving is most often associated with teenagers, who have yet to realize the full impact of their risk-taking. Do what you can to educate your kids on the dangers of treating a car on public roads like a game.


Snow, sleet and rain

Weather conditions can change in an instant. A clear day can turn dark and cloudy faster in a car as you could be driving into the wind. In addition, remember that altitude makes a big difference. At sea level – rain. At the top of the hill, that could be fog, sleet, or snow.


Running red lights

Running red lights falls into the category of competitive driving. Don’t let your boyish instincts determine your driving style. If the light is turning red, don’t make it a game. If someone passes you, don’t make it a race.


Poor visibility

Poor visibility includes many factors: Fog, rain, snow, sleet, glare in the windshield, and even nighttime driving. If one of these conditions arises, that’s dangerous. But add two together – snow at night – and your risks increase.


What else? Tailgating, wrong turns, drugs, and potholes. Keep your car in tip-top shape, stay clean and sober, avoid distractions, watch for wildlife. Drive defensively. God bless.

Seeking help


By all means, keep our phone number handy. Colorado Accident & Injury can be reached at (719) 917-1000.


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