Electrical Stimulation for Vehicle Accidents

Electrical Stimulation for Vehicle Accidents

If you have survived a vehicle accident, you are probably interested in the most effective methods of treating your injuries. Vehicle accidents generally cause injuries that affect the musculoskeletal system and are reasonably treated by chiropractors. However, chiropractors often work with their hands and you might be surprised to hear them recommend electrical muscle stimulation treatment (EMS).

This treatment is one of the many possible options for managing car crash accidents for pain management in Colorado Springs. Electrical stimulation is a unique treatment that helps to improve muscle function, increase healing speed, and improve your overall recovery.

How does electrical muscle stimulation work?

Electrical muscle stimulation is a form of treatment that causes your muscles to contract using controlled, electric impulses. Chiropractors and other professionals involved in pain management often recommend this form of treatment to help speed along with a physical rehab program.

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For the treatment to be effective, patients must have electrodes installed in their bodies. These electrodes are what will generate the electrical signal. This electrical signal is said to mimic the natural nerve impulse produced by our neurons.

When these electrodes fire off their electrical impulse, they, therefore, inhibit the natural neural signaling, thus preventing your brain from receiving pain signals. By accurately and precisely placing these electrodes at different areas in the body, medical professionals have discovered that they can be used for managing painful conditions of just about every type.

Benefits of electrical muscle stimulation

For people who have been in vehicle accidents, the main purpose of this form of treatment is to help speed along with recovery. Some doctors of pain management in Colorado Springs may recommend that EMS is used as an adjunct to surgery. However, many patients would much prefer to simply use this treatment instead, skipping surgery entirely. If you would like to avoid surgery, make sure to talk with your doctor to see if you can use EMS on its own.

EMS can help to produce muscle contractions in areas that may present challenges for a patient following an injury. Learning how to reuse damaged muscle groups is one of the most difficult parts of physiotherapy. In addition to helping fight the pain that comes along with physio, EMS can physically encourage the muscles to move more effectively.

Using electrical muscle stimulation while encouraging a patient to try contracting their muscles can help the brain remember how to control muscles that have since become hard or impossible to use.

Other benefits of EMS include:

  • They provide a non-addictive alternative to painkilling medication
  • They are relatively cost-effective, especially when compared to surgery or years worth of medication
  • They can be used alongside many other different therapies
  • They are minimally invasive


People who have survived a vehicle accident deserve to enjoy pain relief with minimally invasive procedures. Electrical stimulation is a great option. This form of pain management can help speed along with your recovery while simultaneously eliminating the pain caused by injuries.

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