Facet Block Injections for Spinal Injuries from Vehicle Accidents

Facet Block Injections for Spinal Injuries from Vehicle Accidents

The facet joints connect the different vertebrae in your spine. These vertebrae can be easily injured, especially during the high-impact of vehicle accidents. Spinal injuries are among the most common problems that result from car crashes.

Injuries like whiplash, which results from the rapid forceful ‘whip’ of the neck during a collision, can have far-reaching repercussions that interfere with your quality of life. Other spinal injuries can also impair your range of motion.

Facet block injections can be useful for helping people manage the pain and discomfort associated with these types of injuries. Compared to surgery, facet block injections are minimally invasive and much less difficult to manage.

This article will provide you with some basic information on what facet block injections are and how you can use them to overcome injuries caused by car accidents.

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What are facet joints & blocks?

The facet joints are some of the most important joints in our body. They twist, turn, and rotate to allow us to do a wide range of different things. We wouldn’t be able to bend, flex, twist, or move much at all without them.

That’s why injuries to the fact blocks can be so difficult to live with. When the facet joints are injured we can lose a great deal of our range of motion.

The goal of a full facet block procedure is to identify the nerves that carry pain signals, known as medial branch nerves. By interrupting nerve signaling, a facet block can help reduce pain.

The goal of a facet block injection is not always to provide long-term relief. . It can technically be a diagnostic procedure. In this case, doctors will sometimes use facet block injections to identify and confirm the source of an injury.

How do facet block injections work?

During the facet block procedure, doctors will inject a mixture of anesthetics and steroids (usually cortisone) into the facet joint. This will allow them to determine whether or not this is the affected area.

First, you’ll have to lie face-down on the x-ray table. The doctor of physical therapy Colorado Springs will inject the medication using x-ray guidance. Then, you’ll be asked to record the pain you’re feeling after the procedure over the next few hours.

The doctor will use this data to determine whether or not you need to move forward with another treatment.

Some patients actually experience relief from this procedure alone. Between 10 to 30% of all patients treated will experience long-term relief from the diagnostic procedure.

Those who don’t find relief from the facet block procedure will be able to move their treatment forward to the next step.

Spinal injuries can be very serious with long-winded repercussions if they are not treated properly. By allowing doctors to accurately diagnose the area in need of treatment, facet blocks can help prepare you for the next step of your physical rehabilitation.


Facet block injections can be very useful for managing painful conditions. If you suffered a spinal injury after a vehicle accident, don’t hesitate to reach out to a doctor of physical therapy Colorado Springs.

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