Five Reasons for Car Crashes

Five Reasons for Car Crashes

Most adults can name three or four of the top reasons people get into automobile accidents, but can you go as far as the top five? Yes, speeding, sending text messages and driving under the influence of alcohol certainly make it to the list as numbers two, one and three, but what rounds out the list? Here, we’ll show you the others in the top ten and later blog posts will get us up to No. 25.


Bear in mind, Colorado Accident and Injury offers a multi-discipline clinical service focused on helping persons recover from injuries after an automobile accident. The second call to make, after phoning the police when involved in an accident, is to our clinic, where you can be diagnosed and treated as fast as possible. Also, we are pros at documenting your injuries in a manner that puts you in a strong legal position when it comes to settlements with insurance companies and other involved parties.

So here is the list for the top five. See which of these surprise you.


  1. Driving while distracted – which includes using mobile devices instead of keeping your eyes on the road


  1. Speeding


  1. Driving while intoxicated


  1. Reckless driving


  1. Rain – yes, rain comes in higher than snow


Of course, our staff at Colorado Accident and Injury prefer safe traveling for all, but accidents do happen. Let’s look at the top 10 list in greater detail.


Driving while distracted


This category includes a range of reasons drivers take their eyes off the road. Using a handheld gadget is in this category with special concern for sending and receiving text messages, which takes at least one hand off the wheel. But several other distractions are on this list including eating food, reading a book or a newspaper, rubber-necking (watching something outside of the car) and searching inside the vehicle (on the floor, glove box or back seat)




There are many reasons motorists break the speed limit. They could be late for work or late for a date. They could feel challenged by a car that has just whizzed past them. The truth is, however, that speeding includes driving under the speed limit during adverse conditions. Insurance companies see driving the speed limit on a foggy or snowy day to be, ipso facto, speeding.


Driving under the influence of alcohol


Alcohol and driving simply do not mix well at all. Alcohol slows down your reactions, makes you drowsy, interferes with your ability to concentrate, and dulls your senses. It also makes you uncoordinated and toys with your emotions. (Some people get angry when drunk, while others get sad and others get giddy.)


Reckless driving


There are many reasons people drive recklessly. Showing off to others in the car is one reason. Seeing others on the road as a challenge is another. Road rage triggers reckless driving as well.




Yes, rain, not snow, is No. 5 on the list. This is simply because it rains more often than it snows in most of the country.




The number of preventable automobile accidents is tragic. Of the first five reasons for car crashes, four of them are preventable. And, while you certainly cannot control when it rains or pours, but you can slow down during rainy conditions when visibility and traction are compromised.

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