How Does Speech Therapy Work?

How Does Speech Therapy Work?

Speech therapy as a form of therapy has existed for a while, but only in recent years has it become widespread among patients. Without the need for extensive explanation, it’s obvious that it relates to helping with speech and communication. However, what exactly does speech therapy provide, and how does it work? Here, we take you through that and why you may require it after an automobile accident.

What is speech therapy?

Speech therapy is an assessment done and a subsequent treatment of speech disorders and communication complications. Speech therapy is done by speech-language pathologists, typically referred to as speech therapists. Speech therapy includes techniques that are used to improve the communication of patients, and they include language intervention activities, articulation therapy, and several other techniques that will depend on the category of language or speech, or disorder.

There are several reasons why speech therapy is required. For some, they’ve had speech impairments from childhood, for some others, they may have developed during the adult years as a result of illness or injuries.

The process of speech therapy

Every speech therapy begins with an assessment that helps to determine the specific needs and the best treatment option available. Afterward, there are a number of speech therapy exercises that can help the patients with language, cognitive communication, and speech works generally.

There are some forms of therapy that may require the patient to retrain for swallowing function. These include medical conditions or injuries that cause swallowing difficulties like oral cancer or Parkinson’s disease. There are many exercises that are involved in speech therapy, and they include;

  • breathing exercises,
  • oral muscle strengthening exercises,
  • memory, problem-solving and organizational activities that work towards improving cognitive-communication,
  • conversational strategies that help to improve social communication

How long does speech therapy last?

The amount of time you need for speech therapy will depend on a number of factors. They include;

  • age,
  • underlying medical conditions and current treatment,
  • severity of the speech disorder,
  • frequency of therapy

Speech Therapy for Car Accident in Colorado Spring

Speech therapy can help treat a number of language and speech disorders in adults and children. For accident victims, there’s a chance of experiencing traumatic brain injuries, which can be a root cause of speech difficulty in an adult. With early intervention, however, the victim’s speech can be improved with speech therapy, and help gradually get the individual’s speech back to normalcy.

What is the success rate of speech therapy?

Again, the success rate of speech therapy will depend on the disorder that’s being treated, the process involved and the age range of the patient. However, the most important aspect is ensuring that you begin speech therapy as soon as the need arises, as this can also have an effect on the success rate.

Colorado Accident & Injury

Children that show speech difficulties in particular need to sign up for speech therapy as soon as possible and early enough. When this happens, it increases the chances of success.

At Colorado Accident and Injury Center, we help you treat different types of injuries sustained from car accidents. We have trained professionals that provide a wide range of services, one of the important ones being speech therapy. Visit the best car accident doctors in Colorado Springs today!

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