How High School Athletes can remain Injury Free?

How High School Athletes can remain Injury Free?

High school sports are often much more than just a game to athletes. As an increasing number of people get vaccinated, and wait for return to a normal routine, many high school athletes are preparing to return to sports. After all this time of inactivity and being home-bound, it is important for athletes to remain injury-free.

Physical therapists can help athletes at all levels of skill with customized training programs to help them achieve their goals. They can offer –

  • Clinical evaluation and diagnosis
  • Immediate and emergency care
  • Treatment and rehabilitation
  • Strength and conditioning program development

All high school athletes can and should be supported by a skilled physical therapist, especially after a longer-than-usual period of inactivity during the pandemic.

Preventative physical therapy

Physical therapists can assist athletes in getting back on track with their physical fitness with preventative physical therapy treatment to avoid injuries.

Personalized strength and conditioning programs can focus on sport-specific function, maximize performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Any pain, discomfort and injuries should be treated immediately.

Online physical therapy can help those high school athletes who feel more comfortable receiving virtual treatment. Individualized home exercise programs can help athletes complete their exercise and therapy routines on their own time.

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