How Long Should You See A Chiropractor After A Car Accident?

How Long Should You See A Chiropractor After A Car Accident?

“How long should you see a chiropractor after a car accident?” is a question that includes serious concerns. The first concern is how soon you should see a chiropractor after an automobile accident. The second concern is how long you should continue with chiropractic adjustments once you have begun treatment?


How Soon After An Accident Should You See A Chiropractor?


The quick answer to when you should first see a chiropractor after a car crash is that you should go immediately or as soon as possible after a crash. That seems a bit too simple an explanation, however, as there are at least two very serious reasons for going to a chiropractor as soon as possible after a crash.


The first reason is for your health, of course. The sooner you begin treatment for any injury, the better. You want the healing to begin as soon as possible, but you also want to avoid having a misaligned system continues to make the initial injury worse or to provoke a domino effect where one kink in the system – a hurt knee, for example – begins to show up as an injury elsewhere because you are favoring that knee, walking with a limp or failing to exercise due to the initial injury.

Certainly, someone limping due to a hurt knee will eventually do damage to their hip, which is now helping you walk improperly or the other knee, which is now bearing more of the burden of holding you up than it should. Soon, your limp will cause your ankle problems, then your neck, and so on.


Along those lines – from a medical point of view, that is – many serious injuries from auto accidents do not show up in any form right away. You could have delayed symptoms from a traumatic head injury or a spinal injury. Whiplash, which can take months or longer to heal, often does not show up for four days to a week after an accident. A thorough physical from a trained physician can discover injuries that have yet to show up on your personal radar.  


Secondly, there are serious legal ramifications for getting treatment as soon as possible. The first point here, not something most people think about, is the fact that delaying a visit to the chiropractor’s office could give the opposing party in a lawsuit cause to say you weren’t seriously hurt, otherwise, you would have sought medical care immediately. This could lower any monetary award you might be entitled to.


Along those lines – along legal lines, that is – it is also of critical importance that the victim of an automobile accident, whether they feel injured or not – find a medical professional, such as those at Colorado Accident & Injury – who can adequately define your injuries, so they hold up in court. As you can understand, describing your injuries in court from an emotional and pain-oriented viewpoint is important, but you will need technical, medical documentation to go along with your personal description of your injuries.



Finally, of course, a thorough chiropractic exam might end with a clean bill of health. However, you should discuss with your physician any preventative care you might wish to consider. Chiropractic care is not limited to healing from injuries. There are many options for you to consider regarding how to stay in peak health to avoid injuries in the future.


 When To Stop Seeing the Chiropractor


If you want to engage the chiropractor for a course of stay-healthy, preventative sessions, the answer to this might be, “as long as you wish.” Many people chose this route and saw their chiropractor once or twice a year for check-ups and minor adjustments.

After an injury, however, the safe answer is ‘for however long the chiropractor, with your guidance, recommends. If there are legal implications involved in your injury, stopping treatment before it is recommended could certainly impact your settlement. The other party could claim your injuries were not as bad as you say they were if you behave counter to the physician’s recommended course of action.


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