Intrathecal Pump Implants for Vehicle Injuries

Intrathecal Pump Implants for Vehicle Injuries

If you have been through a car accident recently, you might be wondering what sort of treatments are available. Most people are interested in avoiding invasive treatments such as surgery in favor of milder and less extreme procedures.

Fortunately, more and more medical advancements are being made that allow people to improve their conditions with minimally invasive treatments. One such treatment, offered by car accident doctors Colorado Springs, is the intrathecal pump implant.

What Is an Intrathecal Pump?

Intrathecal pumps are also known as pain pumps. They are devices that are implanted into the intrathecal space, a fluid-spilled region that surrounds your spinal cord. This region is filled with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) which protects your nervous system.

Intrathecal pumps are inserted into this region, where they are able to deliver medication directly to the cerebrospinal fluid. The benefit of allowing the medication to go straight into your body instead of having to pass through the stomach and liver is that it will be more potent and fast-acting.

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These pumps are useful for managing all manner of painful conditions, ranging from chronic illnesses to acute injuries including those sustained from car accidents.

The pump itself is basically a metal storage unit that houses a specific type (or types) medication. The device can be set up to release different amounts of medication at different times during the day. This program can be tailored as you progress through your recovery so that you’re always receiving the right dose.

Implanting an Intrathecal Pump

The procedure of implanting an intrathecal pump is relatively simple. It involves your doctor making a small cut on your back. The pain pump will be inserted into the incision, and a catheter will be inserted that allows for the delivery of medication.

What Sort Of Vehicle Injuries Can Intrathecal Pumps Manage?

Intrathecal pumps can be filled with different types of medication. This medication may be a muscle relaxant or antispasmodic, such as baclofen. They may also be loaded with pain-killing anesthetics.

Different types of medications are used to treat different injuries. Here are some examples of injuries that can be managed with intrathecal pumps.


  • Spinal injuries. Vehicle accidents can cause a number of different spinal and neck injuries that can be managed with intrathecal pumps.
  • Neck injuries. Neck injuries, including whiplash, can be managed with an intrathecal pump. Whiplash is among the most common accidents caused by vehicle accidents.
  • Brain injuries. Vehicle accidents can also cause abrupt damage to the skull and brain. Intrathecal pumps can be useful for helping to manage these injuries.


If you’ve been in a vehicle accident then you may want to talk with car accident doctors Colorado Springs, to see if you could benefit from an intrathecal pump treatment. These pumps can inject medication directly into the cerebral spinal fluid.

Intrathecal pump treatments can be useful for managing spinal injuries, neck injuries, brain injuries, and other problems that can result from vehicle accidents.

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