Lawyers Recommend Calling A Doctor First

Lawyers Recommend Calling A Doctor First

There are two distinctly different reasons for calling a doctor after a car accident. With time a critical factor, then, the trick is to make the right phone call that, in the interest of time accomplishes both tasks in the same phone call.


A lawyer would say your first call should not be to them, but to a doctor or the police. If you call a lawyer first, it could sound like an admission that you are feeling guilty about something. The second interpretation is that you are more concerned with money than with the physical or emotional issues involved.


A lawyer would say call a doctor as soon as possible. This is not open to interpretation. You may need to call the police first. If so, do that. Then, as soon as possible, call a doctor.


But what doctor should you call?


First of all, the doctor you should call could well be an ambulance or the emergency room. If that is the case, do so as soon as possible.


If the emergency room is not necessary, it is still recommended that you call a doctor immediately and the question remains: Which one?

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The answer, according to many lawyers, is that you do not call your family physician. If possible, call a specialist and, as this requires research, the best option for the first call to a doctor after a car accident is to a clinic that specializes in car accident injuries.


There are, certainly, three reasons it makes sense to call an automobile accident specialist. People in Colorado Springs can feel fortunate for this. And yes, no one reason out-ranks the others, so this list is not in any order of importance. The three reasons for calling an automobile accident specialist include:


  • They know how to document your injuries
  • They are specialists who can treat the most common injuries
  • They are in a perfect position to be the manager of your health concerns.


As such, they are the best option for referring patients to the right specialists who will advance treatment options, validate injury claims and work in a team approach.

Automobile accident specialists are not only critical for medical treatment but for critical for their experience referring patients to others. They frequently know the best specialists in your area. They understand the paperwork needs to ensure the next step in the healing process is not derailed.

 Taking these issues one at a time, your injuries must be documented accurately and in terms that address issues that will concern any court. These include past injuries and loss of functioning. (It is one thing to say your arm hurts, it is another to say your injury is preventing you from doing your job, tending to your family, or any other functional necessity.


Automobile accident specialists are also specialists in medical training. The idea that they represent a cross-cut of physicians with special skills does not mean they are waiting for you to bring them business. It means they know how important it is to be experienced and available to treat the most common automobile accident injuries.


Given their role of frequently making referrals to others, automobile accident specialists are well experienced in finding other specialists and working with them.


Call right away


The other most common advice from lawyers is to call right away. Allowing time to go by before making a call to an automobile accident specialist tells a jury or a judge that your injuries were not that bad or that you could have gotten injured after the accident and are hoping to blame the accident for troubles that were not caused by it.


Automobile accident specialists and pain doctors Colorado Springs are waiting for your call. Dial 719-917-1000 to receive professional care from a clinic with chiropractic, massage therapy, physical therapy, pain management, neuropsychology, and speech therapy services, the best our region can provide.

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