Major Causes of Car Accidents in Colorado Springs

Major Causes of Car Accidents in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs has many distinctive road features that can pose a threat to cars and the overall safety of road users. While some are caused by the nature of the road, others are due to the impatient road users in the area. Here, we put together some of the most prevalent causes of car accidents in Colorado Springs.

1. Climate conditions

Colorado Springs may be without heavy rain or snow, but it still has its fair share of traffic issues. The temperature of the city causes major irritation for the drivers and can leave them at a high chance of making mistakes while driving.

According to research, there is a 3% increase in car accidents on these hot days. In Colorado Springs, hot days equal about six months each year. The heat makes it more difficult for drivers to concentrate.

Also, excessive heat may adversely affect the car’s performance and may increase the chances of car accidents.

2. Dangerous highways

Colorado Springs has hundreds of miles of metropolitan freeways running through it, also enabling interstate transportation of tens of thousands of cars each day. The city has sufficient highways and roadways to contain all these cars, but it can however fast become a two-edged sword. Large roads and multi-lanes will typically give drivers the liberty to behave badly and drive more recklessly.

3. Busy intersections

When drivers are making attempts to left turn onto the lengthy multi-lane metropolitan roadways that lead into the suburbs, it can bring in several challenges. For instance, McDowell and Camelback are two metropolitan roadways in Colorado Springs that handle about 80,000 cars every day. As a result, they can quickly become deadly crossroads whether there’s proper traffic management and lighting systems or not.

4. Tourists and part-time residents

While Colorado Springs is typically hot, the winter and autumn seasons attract visitors and tourists to the area because of the moderate weather. This can be a contributing factor to accidents in Colorado Springs as these visitors can have a hard time navigating the unfamiliar local roads and highways.

5. Reckless driving

Drivers are fond of rushing and trying to save some time while on the Colorado Springs roads. This can be a problem because a good number of accidents may occur during rush hour. Also, drivers going beyond the speed limit are more likely to cause accidents for themselves and others because they’re prone to slower reflexes and collisions.

Reckless driving involves a lot of acts, but they all stem down to drivers who aren’t concerned about the safety of other road users. Colorado Springs currently ranks 35th out of 183 cities in the United States on the list of unsafe roadways, and a large part of this is due to the high number of fatalities related to reckless driving.

Accidents are unforeseen occurrences, and millions of people get involved in road accidents every year in the United States. As much as we obey traffic rules and do everything necessary to stay away from accidents, there’s still a chance that an accident will occur on the roads of Colorado Springs.

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