Many Auto Accidents Are 100 Percent Preventable

Many Auto Accidents Are 100 Percent Preventable

If you follow the saying that accidents will happen and “that’s why they call them accidents,” it remains tragic to note how many automobile accidents are preventable.


At Colorado Accident & Injury, there is no question that we would prefer that patients should walk safely away from an automobile accident. However, they are here with a multi-faceted, interdisciplinary approach that focuses on a whole-person medical response to any serious injury. This is why they offer chiropractic care, pain management, neuropsychology (addressing brain injuries), speech therapy, massage therapy, and physical therapy all in the same clinic, all under the same roof.


In addition, they specialize in injury documentation that will stand up to any financial claims or legal awards that you may be entitled to. Don’t let a claim go unanswered due to faulty documentation.

Meanwhile, the crux of the matter is simplified if you can just stay out of accidents altogether. How does one do that?

In all honesty, if you drive at all you put yourself at risk. In truth, in the last five months, my otherwise un-scarred car was involved in three minor bumps on the road. No one was hurt and my car was only the bearer of a rubber stain after one and suffered minor scratches after another, but there it is. I’ve been telling everyone for years I am a great driver, pointing to my politely aging car as evidence.

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By the way, one of those minor bumps was my fault and could have been avoided had I been paying attention. The other two were not my fault and guess what: They both could have been prevented if the other drivers had been paying attention.


That’s three for three: All of these minor incidents occurred for the same reason: The driver was not paying attention.


Here are a few of the other accident causes that are very preventable:


  • Driving while distracted


This is the No. 1 cause of accidents, as evidenced by the anecdotes above.


  • Speeding


Speed kills, and it could be easily reduced to eliminate this as a cause of any accidents. Needless to say, this is a reckless way to drive.


  • Drunk Driving


Driving while intoxicated or while using street drugs (and while under the influence of prescribed drugs) is also a preventable accident waiting to happen.


  • Weather conditions


Weather conditions include snow and ice, but cars also lose traction during rainy conditions. (By the way, when it rains, your insurance carrier expects you will drive under the speed limit – just saying.)


  • Reckless driving


With this on the list, four of the five most common causes for accidents are completely preventable and even an accident caused by rain is often preventable. You aren’t responsible for the weather, but you can slow down during risky weather conditions.


  • Rounding out the top ten


Two out of the next five most common causes of accidents are also preventable. No. 6 on the list is running red lights and No. 7 is a failure to stop at a stop sign. No. 8 is “teenage drivers,” which may include preventable behavior if this category includes passenger behavior that is distracting. Simply put, teenagers are prone to excitable behavior. After teenage driving, No. 9 is night driving and No. 10 is car design defects, both of which should be considered as not preventable.


If you are in an automobile accident you should call the police or ambulance first. Your second call should be at 717-917-7000 for car accident doctors Colorado Springs, where they can put you on the road to recovery immediately and document your claims.

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