Massage Therapy for Vehicle Injuries

Massage Therapy for Vehicle Injuries

Car crashes and other vehicle accidents can cause a number of different injuries. These injuries can range from very serious to mild in nature.

Using massage therapy as pain management is one way to reduce pain and restore function after a vehicle accident. This article will explore the use of massage therapy for helping to treat and repair the body after an accident.


Why use massage therapy?

You might be surprised to learn that pain management Chicago Springs offers massage therapy. Massage therapy is not simply for relaxation. Medical massage can be very useful for helping to restore muscle function, correct skeletal problems, and reduce pain after an accident.

One of the biggest issues affecting people who survive car accidents is shock. The body absorbs a tremendous amount of shock during vehicle accidents.


  • During and prior to the accident, extreme emotions such as fear and anxiety may overwhelm the body. This creates emotional shock, also known as trauma, which is stored in the body to be processed later.
  • The physical impact of the accident itself can cause shock.

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Both types of shock can lead to physical pain and discomfort. Emotional shock and trauma are stored in the body which can lead to muscle tension and decreased range of motion.

Physical shock often appears in a similar fashion, reducing an individual’s range of motion and compounding to create injuries. Physical shock is also the cause of mechanical injuries like broken bones and fractures.

Car injuries themselves can also lead to additional issues that can be managed with massage therapy. Muscle spasms, inflammation, loss of movement, musculoskeletal imbalances, and many other problems may emerge as complications from initial injuries.

Massage therapy is a great non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical treatment that can help to reduce pain and return due to an optimal level of function.


Benefits of massage therapy

These are some of the benefits of massage therapy that you can expect to receive after an accident.


  • Massage therapy helps to reduce and relax tightness in the muscles.
  • Massage therapy helps to reduce inflammation.
  • Massage therapy can encourage the body to release and drain stored fluid which can contribute to inflammation.
  • Massage therapy can be fantastic for helping to reduce stress associated with injuries or the loss of loved ones.
  • Regular massage therapy can be a component of psychological therapy that can help to reduce the impact of trauma.


While massage therapy may not be the best primary treatment for serious injuries such as broken bones, it can certainly be a useful component of treatment and recovery from vehicle accidents.


If you have recently been in a vehicle accident, your body may be harboring shock in areas that you are not even aware of. Muscle tension, stiffness, and a reduced range of motion can all result from vehicle accidents. Massage therapy can help to reduce this discomfort and pain.


To learn more, reach out to a doctor at pain management Chicago Springs.

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