Massages Are Not Just Relaxing – They Are for Healing Too

Massages Are Not Just Relaxing – They Are for Healing Too

The benefits of massage are so well known that friends and spouses commonly give gift certificates to each other to go enjoy a half-hour or an hour massage. Almost everyone is aware that massages are a wonderful way to take the knots out of overworked muscles or simply bask in the hand-on approach to relaxation.


After an automobile accident, however, the benefits of a massage look very different than simply enjoying a sensual, hands-on experience. At Colorado Accident & Injury, we believe that massage is the perfect holistic complement to a wide range of medical conditions. Just as a session with a chiropractor re-aligns your skeletal system when it is out of position, a hands-on massage can allow the body’s soft tissues to change in ways that promote healing.


Many are aware that massage therapy is one of the oldest forms of medicine, in use frequently in ancient Egypt and Greece.  However, massage therapy has traditionally been an understudied science, as well. In recent years, however, scientists have studied massage in systematic studies and verified how massage does what has been long known: It helps people relax and heal.

Whether you have been in a car accident or not, living with too much stress is unhealthy.  Stress affects your blood pressure, your heart rate, your circulatory system, and your immune system. Persons who live under long-term stress develop ulcers, insomnia, and chronic headaches or migraines. Stress affects digestion. Stress can also push people into self-medication habits, leading to alcoholism, drug addiction, and other self-injurious behavior.


In the meantime, it is clear to everyone that surviving a car accident, whether badly injured or not, is a stressful experience that includes a long list of potential medical conditions that don’t always require immediate attention. The effects of whiplash, depression, guilt, muscle tension, skeletal misalignment, and head trauma leading to headaches are often delayed.  Many persons walk away from a car accident claiming they feel fine and don’t even need a check-up. But many of these people end up feeling the effects up to a week later, even longer in some cases.


Massage embodies the scientific and modern-day approach to healing that many promote as holistic. Holistic refers to a “whole body” or even a “whole person” approach that includes physical and psychological healing.


Stress is an inconvenience that people often consider as just a part of life. A routine level of stress is certainly normal, but when you are healing physically or emotionally from a car accident, a hands-on massage can work wonders promoting relaxation, a sense of calm, and a sense of well-being.


At Colorado Accident and Injury, we believe that massage is a terrific complement to pain management, chiropractic interventions, and physical therapy. Healing by definition is an event in which your body is working harder just to get through the day. Massage promotes healing and relaxation. Often it is the perfect antidote for slow healing, personal stress, and the feelings of psychological trauma that accompany a car accident.


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