Medicinal Message – A Time-Honored Tradition

Medicinal Message – A Time-Honored Tradition

Massage therapy has been an integral part of many medical disciplines since the dawn of civilization. In fact, massage pre-dates much of what we now know as modern medical science. The first written mentions of massage appear in 2700 BC in China, India, and Egypt and massage. The first to give massages were doctors. By contrast, Hippocrates, the Greek philosopher known as the father of modern medicine, did not come on the scene until centuries later, born in 460 BC and living until 370 BC, dying at the age of 70.


At Colorado Accident & Injury, we believe that massage is an extremely valuable discipline to help people recover after an automobile accident. We believe the medical response to an automobile accident must be comprehensive, recognizing the value and power of a multi-faceted approach to any injury.


This is not a standard approach. In today’s medical environment, it is common for patients to be written a prescription for powerful painkillers and sent home to heal at their own pace. This ignores any medical treatment that focuses on the injury itself. It is a purely passive response to injury. At Colorado Accident & Injury, we espouse a proactive response.


As a quick example, let’s assume a patient has an injured foot or an injured leg. A prescription for pain medication might be a very smart response for the injury. But if that is the only response, the medical response is limited to helping the brain feel better without helping the leg or the foot. We believe in a holistic, whole-patient response. This is why we offer multiple services at one address.


Furthermore, these are dangerous times for patients with regards to many effective painkillers, which can lead to an addiction that can escalate from synthetic prescription drugs to street drugs that are unregulated and very dangerous. Massage therapy is an important option, along with physical therapy and chiropractic interventions, that can minimize reliance on prescription drugs, thus reducing the chances of a post-treatment addiction.


Massage therapy is time-tested and medication-free. It promotes healing simply because a relaxed body heals faster than a tense one. The patient’s psychological well-being is extremely important, and massage promotes good mental health simply because touch is still a powerful way to connect with another human being. Patients who are hurting often feel scared, alone, and treated like a number – patient No. 1,887. Massage therapy changes the message. It is a caring, patient-centered treatment.


Massage therapy is also an effective tool to combine with other medical interventions. Many patients are tense before a visit to the chiropractor, unsure of how that treatment will go. Chiropractors, on the other hand, prefer patients who are relaxed so that the muscles don’t resist the necessary chiropractic intervention. The solution often entails seeing a massage therapist first, so the patient is properly relaxed and cooperative with their chiropractor.


Sometimes massage therapy seems so basic it is an unscientific response to an injury in modern times. Yes, it is basic, but it is not unscientific. It has been studied by scientists around the world who often find extraordinary medicinal value in getting a massage—basic – OK, guilty as charged. Massage is as basic glass of water. But it promotes healing and has 4,200 years of history behind it.


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