Multi-Discipline Approach Makes Sense

Multi-Discipline Approach Makes Sense

It stands to reason that the multi-discipline approach to serving those injured in an automobile accident requires a clinic in which several specialists coordinate their efforts together. No one benefits when two different specialists are on different pages or setting different goals for their patients. This occurs often in the world of medicine with undiscovered overlaps in treatment and disjointed efforts in which one treatment plan sabotages the goals in a different clinic.


How can this be? There are various approaches to treatment for injury victims. Treatment approaches depend on careful observations and timely interventions. One clinic pushing a heavy use of opioid medications with another focused on holistic healing can slow recovery substantially.


At Colorado Accident and Injury, serving those injured during an automobile accident, there is no question of coordinated efforts, simply because the clinic includes so many doctors and specialists working together.

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The best physical therapy Colorado Springs has to offer can be undermined by another clinic that focuses on pain medication. Colorado Accident and Injury, however, include chiropractic services, massage therapy, speech therapy, pain management specialists, physical therapy, and neuropsychology all under one roof.


This diversity allows doctors to work together, rather than in conflict with one another. Our goal is to help patients return to normal, pain-free functioning as soon as possible. For this, you need a clinic that relies on teamwork that is deliberately coordinated to create the fastest healing possible.


At Colorado Accident and Injury, they also know that little things count. A team of six physicians and eight dedicated specialists creates a tightly coordinated group of fourteen talented and caring team members. To make sure that treatments are in synch with each other, the clinic includes a patient liaison whose job it is to ensure the team is working as one and with one goal that is sacrosanct. That goal is to provide interventions to help you recover from the diverse set of injuries you might have sustained in an automobile accident.


If coordinated services make the difference, and they know that it does, they pride themselves in providing the best physical therapy Colorado Springs can offer simply because that very important service is coordinated with so many other specialists. Patients can also be assured that the clinic is sharply focused on providing patients with documentation that may benefit them during any legal or insurance company entanglements that arise from their accidents.


No one wants to be in an automobile accident and our staff certainly understands the emotional shock that could arise during your post-accident recovery period. Specialists who see victims of automobile accidents every day are aware of the deeply affecting emotions that an accident could provoke. In our Colorado Springs clinic, every member of and staff is focused on your physical and emotional well-being. Recovery is not always easy or quick, requiring a team of specialists who are there for you whether your recovery is very quick or painfully slow.


Of course, we urge you to drive safely. However, if you are ever in a serious car accident, call 911 to alert emergency services. Make your next call to Colorado Accident & Injury, where healing and documenting injuries for insurance or legal reasons are always included in the job. Call 719-917-1000 to schedule an appointment.


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