Post Accident Chiropractic Services

Post Accident Chiropractic Services

If you are in an automobile accident, the chances are high that one of your first concerns, if not the first, will be to attend to the health of everyone involved. Do you think immediately about seeing a chiropractor? Well, you might first be concerned with finding ambulatory services for an immediate trip to the emergency room. You might also think that seeing your general practitioner (your family doctor) would be a good idea. However, chiropractic services at Colorado Accident & Injury are part of a bundled system of services – including massage therapy and pain management medicine – designed to assist people who have just come away from an automobile accident.


There is an obvious link between automobile collisions and chiropractic care simply because the huge jolt your body experiences in an automobile accident could very quickly snap your spine and muscular systems way out of alignment. Most people know it is unhealthy to walk around crooked. Even minor injuries can develop into major concerns if left untreated for long.


However, many are not aware of how versatile chiropractic medicine can be. Many people walk away from automobile accidents but suffer from traumatic headaches that appear a week or more after the accident. Many put aside the emotional response to an automobile accident and find themselves very stressed a week or more later when the body is telling you that you are carrying too much stress around.


Here are some post-automobile accident medical concerns where chiropractic interventions might not be the first thing you think about when seeking medical attention. Some of them may surprise you.    




Emotional stress and physical stress can both contribute to headache conditions, that are either intermittent (headaches that come and go) or ongoing. Spinal manipulations can be a primary response to headaches, as they can get to the bottom of the issue, straightening out physical structures that could be tilting you in the direction of one headache after another.




Sometimes stress is headache-free, or it is simply showing up in day-to-day tension. Stress contributes to your inability to sleep, relax, or get proper diurnal recuperation at night.




An automobile accident can certainly increase or initiate you into the unpleasant (and unhealthy) condition known as insomnia – the inability to sleep or fall asleep. This can contribute to an overall deterioration of mental alertness, mental health and balance, the ability to focus or concentrate, and inappropriately falling asleep at the wrong time – behind the wheel of a car or at work, for example.

Chiropractic interventions can be the key to a return to restful, restorative nights.


Muscle tension


Stress can result in generalized reactions, such as muscle tension showing up in unlikely places. Tension in your neck and back muscles is an obvious reaction to an automobile accident. But tension could show up in your arms or legs, your feet, and your hands, as well.


Not only is muscle tension painful or uncomfortable, but it also results in reduced flexibility. Luckily, at Colorado Accident & Injury, we have all of this covered. Our bundled clinic offers massage therapy, pain management services, and physical therapy. We believe an all-encompassing service is not only convenient but medically important. We believe treating a medical condition with a comprehensive response is the best way to go.


 Seeking help


By all means, keep our phone number handy. Colorado Accident & Injury can be reached at (719) 917-1000.

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