Post-car Accident Traumatic Stress Reactions You Must Never Ignore

Post-car Accident Traumatic Stress Reactions You Must Never Ignore

One of the most frightening experiences anyone can have is to feel out of control during an auto accident. Aside from worrying about the physical injuries sustained after the car accident, there may be other long-term traumatic effects that can affect the victim psychologically.

Pain and symptoms of any kind, either physical or emotional should not be ignored after an accident. Some of these post-car accident traumas aren’t usually obvious, and it’s easy to not attribute the causes of certain behaviors and symptoms to the accident. Here are some possible car accident trauma effects that you may experience after an auto accident;

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Avoidance behaviors

Avoidance behaviors will include refusal to drive or pass the path where the motor vehicle accident took place. This happens because the accident did endanger your life and you subconsciously attempt to avoid it happening again.

Another form of avoidance behavior can be the suppression of thoughts. This means that the regular way of processing information may be tampered with. Avoidance behavior after an accident is considered to be unhealthy because it usually worsens mental stress and doesn’t help the victim deal with the cause of the stress.


Anxiety is one of the most common experiences after a motorcycle accident. It is characterized by being reminded of the accident through harmless activities like car honking, brake screeching, or anything that can get the victim’s heart beating faster than normal.

Also, excessively reacting to situations that shouldn’t normally be bothersome is another characteristic of car accident traumas. These can include symptoms like sweating excessively, increased respiratory and heart rates, or even chest pain. If you experience these symptoms after a motorcycle accident, you need to get professional help immediately.

Re-experiencing of symptoms

A car accident victim struggling with the effects of trauma can find themselves re-experiencing the event in different ways. From flashbacks and nightmares to visual and auditory memories (borderline on hallucination), and repetitive thinking.

Young children involved in motor vehicle accidents may have recurrent nightmares of the event. They may also have frightening dreams that lack recognizable content. If you are struggling to fall and stay asleep, then there’s a chance that it’s a result of some subconscious re-experiencing that you may not be aware of. You need to seek professional help immediately.


Withdrawal is a form of emotional numbing strategy that a person can take on. It can unknowingly take them away from people, places, or situations that they were used to. Withdrawal may also affect the victims’ daily activities like family gatherings and other professional commitments. You should seek professional help if you are experiencing these symptoms.

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