Speech Therapy for Car Accident Victims

Speech Therapy for Car Accident Victims

Though the severity of road accidents can range from minor to severe or fatal, every road accident victim suffers some form of emotional and physical effects from the unforeseen events. One of the many things that may happen after a RTA is speech problems due to a traumatic brain injury.

Dysarthria resulting from car accidents

Dysarthria is a condition that causes slow or slurred speech because the brain tissue or muscles involved in speech functions are injured or impaired. Depending on the type of brain injury and the location where it occurs, car accident victims can experience speech difficulties, which may become a serious threat to the quality of life of the victim.

How speech difficulty presents after a brain injury

The specific areas of the brain regarded as the speech centers are the Wernicke’s area and Broca’s area. They’re found in the frontal and temporal gyrus of the brain, respectively. Wernicke’s area and Broca’s area are involved in the comprehension and production of speech. So, any form of damage or injury to these areas will cause difficulty in speaking for the victims. Some of the ways speech difficulties show up after a traumatic brain injury include:

  • Difficulty in recognizing several vocabularies
  • Constantly asking for help in completing words and sentences
  • Difficulties with fluid or rapid speech
  • Difficulties remembering directions
  • Appearing to be inattentive

Sometimes, dysarthria can show up as hearing and comprehension problems. The manifestations include;

  • Sudden lack of fluency in speaking in the victim’s primary language
  • Turning simple explanations into rambling that’s unexplainable
  • Constantly misusing words
  • Speech becoming fluid and not connected to the central point
  • Misappropriating puns, idioms, and turns of phrase.

In the long run, these speech problems aren’t exactly exciting to go through, both for the victim and those around them. As a result, it is important for victims to get adequate treatment from an experienced professional. Speech therapy is an important aspect of the entire rehabilitation process for car accident victims. Car accident doctors are all-around professionals that specialize in physical therapy and comprehensive care for victims of car accidents.

Treatment options for speech difficulty

If a victim is experiencing speech difficulty, as a result of brain injury from a car accident, then there are a number of trained specialists that can render assistance and treat appropriately. They include;

  • Physical therapists – help victims who have jaw injuries to build up their speech muscles.
  • Occupational therapists – walk patients through the process of returning to work and their way of life after a difficult injury.
  • Speech-language pathologists – assist patients through the process of forming and producing certain words and phrases.
  • Audiologists – provide precise solutions and equipment to treat different forms of hearing difficulty.

At Colorado Accident and Injury Center, we help accident victims treat different types of injuries sustained from car accidents. We have trained professionals that provide a wide range of services, one of the important ones being speech therapy. Do you or someone you know have speech difficulty after a motor vehicle accident? Visit the best car accident doctors in Colorado Springs today to access the level of your injuries and determine the necessary treatment process for you!

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