Speech Therapy Services Meet The Challenge

Speech Therapy Services Meet The Challenge

At Colorado Accident & Injury, we believe our patients deserve top-notch chiropractic services, massage therapy, neuropsychology services, and the best pain management doctors Colorado Springs can provide. They also deserve the best speech therapy services available, which is why we offer a holistic array of medical services to provide solid documentation and effective medical interventions to recover from an automobile accident. 


We are often asked why speech therapy services are provided in a clinic that specializes in automobile accidents. Many people don’t know that automobile accidents are the fifth most common reason causes of traumatic brain injury, which is one of the top reasons adults are referred to a speech therapist. This is one reason we have increased our clinic’s services to provide the region’s best speech therapy services.


Traumatic brain injuries are also sustained by persons falling, getting hit by an object, and physical assault. Frequently, a serious blow to the head, depending on where the impact is focused, causes problems with speech, word recall, and the ability to participate in a normal conversation.


Post-accident doctors in Colorado Springs and elsewhere understand the need for a combined set of medical services to assist in a speedy recovery. Each specialist works in their chosen field of expertise, but six specialists working together under one roof at Colorado Accident & Injury promises to be all the more effective due to our staff’s ability to communicate together, agree on a long-term treatment plan and provide the necessary document concerning diagnosis, treatment, and long-term prognosis.

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Each step of the way in a patient’s road to recovery is cataloged and saved for medical, legal, and insurance purposes. Documentation is a vital part of our service, as the injury sustained, the level of functioning loss, and the carefully chosen treatment plan can be extremely comforting to a patient and his or her family and to others involved in the case.


Certainly, family members consider themselves intimately involved in a patient’s recovery from a traumatic brain injury that results in long-term damage to a portion of the brain responsible for speech recognition and word recall. Two of the brain’s areas involved in both speech production and word comprehension are the Broca and Wernicke’s areas. Injury to either of these brain regions can result in difficulty speaking. 


Brain injuries can affect many different facets of speech and comprehension. Among those function losses are the following possibilities:


  • The inability to recognize words
  • The inability to comprehend jargon or slang
  • Difficulty understanding figures of speech, such as similes, metaphors, puns, and personifications. Somewhat might say, “He’s a star,” in a sense that is part metaphor, part hyperbole. These types of poetic expressions are difficult to understand for some TBI patients.
  • Inability to finish a statement by either getting confused or not being able to recall a word that allows speech to proceed in a timely fashion
  • Difficulty with rapid speech
  • Short term memory loss, making it hard to remember the beginning of a long sentence or the first few instructions when being given directions audibly.


Of course, we urge you to drive safely. However, if you are ever in a serious car accident, call 911 to alert emergency services. Make your next call to pain management doctors Colorado springs, Colorado Accident & Injury, where healing and documenting injuries for insurance or legal reasons is always job 1. Call 719-917-1000 to schedule an appointment.

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