Symptoms of Delayed Accident Injuries You Must Never Ignore

Symptoms of Delayed Accident Injuries You Must Never Ignore

Motor vehicle accidents can take such a toll on our mental health that we just want to put the whole thing behind us and move on, especially when there is no physical injury. However, in your haste to put the event behind you, you might be missing some deadly symptoms of delayed injury. If you are in an accident, always ensure you get checked and cleared by a qualified medical practitioner. Even the most minor impacts could be deadly, especially when critical signs are ignored.

What is Delayed Injury?

As the name suggests, delayed injuries are injuries that are not immediately noticeable after an accident. It could take several hours or even days before you begin to notice some of the signs of a delayed motor vehicle accident injury. But this does not make them any less dangerous. Even if a physician has cleared you, you could still get sick later. Don’t forget that the physician will diagnose based on what they can see at the time of consultation, not what develops later.

There are many reasons for delayed injury, but shock and adrenalin are the most prominent. Nobody ever expects to be in an accident. When it suddenly happens, our brains are usually too busy processing so many things at once to realize some time is gradually going wrong somewhere.

Try to list everything that has happened after the accident or discuss it with a friend or family friend. If you are able to clear off the excess information and shock, you may begin to read other signals that your body is sending.

Symptoms of delayed Injury

Here are some serious symptoms of delayed injuries that you should look out for after an accident.

Headaches, Blurry or Double Vision and Dizziness

These could be signs of serious conditions such as concussions, blood clots in the brain or whiplash. You might not feel anything for several hours after the accident, so it is easy for most people to ignore these symptoms or attribute them to separate events. Whatever you do, make sure you get checked immediately.

Back Pain After an Accident

Soft tissue injury, herniated disc, spinal injury, or whiplash could cause sharp or throbbing aches in your back. Don’t try to manage the situation on your own. If you add to the stress, you could cause more damage that will make your recovery longer, more expensive, and harrowing.

Bruised Area that Grows

If you notice a bruised area that keeps growing, especially in your back, chest, or abdominal area, get help immediately. It might be a sign of internal bleeding, or ruptured blood vessels, slowly bleeding out and staining your skin from the inside. Ice packs and other home remedies will not stop the problem. You need to see your doctor immediately.

Tingling or Numbness

If you suddenly begin to feel a body part tingling or growing numb after an accident, it might be a sign of pinched nerves or herniated discs. These are debilitating conditions that continue to worsen as long as you don’t get help. So, get professional help immediately.

Pain and symptoms of any kind should not be ignored after an accident. Please book an appointment with our pain management Colorado Springs centers for state-of-the-art treatment procedures.

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