Symptoms To Look For After An Auto Accident

Symptoms To Look For After An Auto Accident

After you have been in a car accident, you may find yourself feeling lucky that you have not sustained a substantial injury of any kind. A medical professional may even clear you to go home or to go back to work believing you dodged the bullet and have not sustained a serious injury.


However, while clearing someone to return to normal activities after an accident, the car accident doctors in Colorado Springs will also be advising you to look for signs that an injury may have occurred without yet making itself known. They will tell you to pay attention to the following symptoms and to seek medical help quickly after noticing them.


Here are some of these symptoms:


Dizziness or loss of balance


Internal injuries that do no show up right away could first appear as sudden or ongoing bouts of dizziness. You may attribute this to shock, which includes changes in your blood pressure levels. However, you could be suffering from a concussion that requires immediate medical attention. If the concussion proves to be less severe than that, so be it, but you won’t know the difference until after a thorough examination.


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Nausea may not be very distressing by itself, but it can become noticeable after an accident for two substantial reasons. First, your body may be reacting to internal pain that is not noticeable right away. Secondly, there could be damage to internal organs that are causing nausea to develop. You want to have nausea checked out as soon as possible.


Strange Sensations In Your Limbs


An automobile accident can produce nerve damage that does not show up right away. It could be that your emotional reaction to an accident could be covering up some physical problems. Nerve damage is impossible to see. It could be slight or it could be that a spinal cord injury is beginning to be felt. Nerve damage from whiplash could be presenting itself. This type of hidden injury can require immediate medical attention to prevent untreated injury from getting worse.




Your body may not feel muscle injuries right away. Muscles can certainly be tough, but they are still considered soft tissue. As such, when they are jolted the bruising, swelling, or pain might not show up right away.



Numbness is also a sign of potential nerve damage. Damage to nerves can be slight and very slow to heal, which means a proper diagnosis and start to treatment right away is very important. 


Mood Swings


Mood swings can be the sign that you have suffered a traumatic head injury, a condition that could require immediate medical attention. In this manner, quick mood swings could be your body’s way of telling you to get help.


The mood swings themselves could be a sign of shock or emotional trauma. Depression often follows automobile accidents, not due to a physical injury but because accidents can cause tremendous levels of shame, guilt, and sorrow. As humans, we can hide these emotions even from ourselves for a while. But mood swings don’t always recede over time. Have a medical team help you react properly to post-accident mood swings.


Unexplained Pain


Certainly, the human body is a very complicated organism. After an accident, pain could appear that is not easy to explain. Whenever this occurs, see a doctor as soon as possible.




Patients who have been in an automobile accident don’t always see headaches as a sign of something serious. After all, many headaches present themselves the same way and most headaches are relatively minor bothersome events.


But many injuries produce headaches that are not easy to explain. If your headaches are more frequent or painful than usual or cannot be readily explained, see a doctor right away to begin treatment as soon as possible.


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