Teaching Your Teenager about Driving Safely

Teaching Your Teenager about Driving Safely

Every year, over 36,000 Americans die in car crashes. An additional 4.4 million require hospitalization as a result of road accidents, and many others suffer minor injuries. Unfortunately, these figures have continued to rise every year. That is why you should ensure your teenager is adequately informed about using the road safely before you allow them behind the wheels.

Now more than ever, with the increasing popularity of addictive social media platforms with their dangerous and nonsensical trends and streaming platforms, there is more need to teach your teenager about driving safely.

Accidents involving teens remain the most predominant form of road accidents in the US. When you teach your teenagers about using the road safely, you potentially protect them and other road users from terrible fates. Here are some proven ways to teach your teenager about driving safely.

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Have some household ground rules

It is important to establish some ground rules for the household about driving even before they come of age. These rules, such as always wearing a seatbelt or never driving at night except in emergencies, could one day save your teenager from a fatal accident or severe injuries. Make sure every family member follows the rules without exceptions and always emphasize the importance of those rules. Your teenager will become accustomed to them, and they will be better road users.

Here are some important safe driving rules for your teenager:

  • They must always use their seatbelts
  • Traffic lights must always be obeyed without exceptions
  • No distractions when driving
  • They must never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • No sleepy or drowsy person should get behind the wheels
  • Warning signs of mechanical faults in vehicles need instant attention

Make your teens understand the importance of driving safely

Teenagers are natural rebels. They can easily go against the rules if that is all you offer. That is why you must ensure they know the possible consequences of flouting any of those rules. It is not just enough to ask your teenager to always wear a seatbelt. You also have to show them what can happen if they do not.

Lead by example

Don’t just dish out rules and safety tips; follow them too. Whether your teenager is with you or not, ensure you follow all road safety tips till they become a part of your daily routine. You will be teaching your child a valuable life lesson while keeping yourself and other road users safe.

Clampdown on speeding

Speeding is the number one cause of road accidents, and accidents are the third-highest cause of death in the United States. When they say “speeding kills, they mean by the thousands.” You must always impress the possible effects of speeding on your teenagers, regardless of the situation.

Get them familiar with important parts of a vehicle

Your teenager is not ready to get behind the wheels when they are not adequately familiar with their vehicles. Please don’t get so excited about finally being able to teach them to ride that you forget the crucial things.

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