The Benefits of Physical Therapy

The Benefits of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy has far-reaching implications from both a medical and a legal standpoint after an automobile accident. Of course, the first order of business is to put a patient in a position of maximum recovery, providing excellent and qualified treatments to get you back on your feet. However, automobile accidents can be financially traumatic, as well. Colorado Accident & Injury understands that the burden of financial obligations imposed on patients right at the time when relaxation and healing are required can set back or slow recovery. We are experts at the paperwork process that maintains high integrity for any legal issue that comes up and allows for proper medical care without imposing an overdue financial burden on our patients.


Physical therapy by itself is, in fact, is often far more economically efficient than surgical options after an injury. Physical therapy is, by definition, a holistic, whole-person approach to recovery that allows for maximum participation from the patient, which sends a powerful message to legal decision-makers. In the first place, physical therapy begins with a complete diagnostic workup that focuses on how your body is functioning and what functions may be compromised by the injuries sustained. Physical therapy is the clearest way to tell insurance companies, judges, lawyers, exactly what functions have been lost due to injury. Secondly, participation tells that same group of people – insurance agents, judges, and lawyers – that recovery is important to you.

If you are injured and do not participate in physical therapy, it could send a message to the legal eagles that recovery is not that important to you. That could set back considerations for any monetary settlements you receive for your pain and suffering.


Moreover, attending physical therapy gives patients a quicker sense of confidence and support regarding any injury you have sustained. You know that you are doing the best you can to confront your healing process. Physical therapists are expert coaches who are encouraging teachers. Their medical expertise allows them to measure functionality precisely and gives you specific goals to aim for with regard to flexibility, functioning, and strength.


The basic aim of physical therapy remains faster healing and a quicker return to a fully functioning lifestyle. However, when functioning is permanently diminished, it remains the best option for learning how to cope and manage despite ongoing physical problems. Physical therapists, in this manner, are carefully creative in providing you with healing or coping strategies designed to help you return to a lifestyle that is as active and fulfilling as it can be.


There are numerous secondary benefits to participation in physical therapy. While you work through a leg injury, for example, you increase your circulation, strengthen your immune system, and provide your heart with a workout all at the same time. You might think an injured hand is not connected to the wrist, the arm, the torso, the heart, the brain, and your psychological health, but it is. A healthier hand, if that’s the primary problem, has widespread holistic implications.


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