The Medical Advantages of One-Stop Services

The Medical Advantages of One-Stop Services

There are many advantages of a full-service clinic handling your care after a car accident. At Colorado Accident and Injury, we have a variety of treatments available to patients who have been injured in an accident. Also, since we specialize in auto injuries, we are fully equipped to handle your insurance claims for you.


Colorado Accident and Injury include chiropractic, massage therapy, physical therapy, and pain management all under one roof. Yes, that means the clinic is extremely convenient, allowing you to receive multiple treatment modalities in one location and with just one bill to deal with. It means one chain of communication, not several, and one place for various records all under the same roof.

Besides the convenience, here are a few of the medical advantages to one-stop services for your medical needs after a car accident. This goes beyond the logistics of just finding one parking space or remembering one phone number.




Communication, even among highly educated professionals, is an art form as much as a logistical service. That is to say; it takes time to nurture consistent communication from one person to another. It takes time to understand the personal styles of people we talk to. By keeping multiple services under one roof, the professionals at Colorado Accident and Injury have become completely familiar with the communication styles of everyone around them. By having doctors and technicians in close proximity to one another, all the extra nuances of a case can be explained on a personal level. If there is a follow-up question to be asked, these professionals can find the right person and make the extra effort to understand each patient completely.


Interactive Modalities


The response to an automobile accident should never be one single, isolated response. Healing does better when approached from several angles and modalities. Every injury requires extensive follow up from physical therapy, pain management, and skeletal alignment.


As it takes a multi-disciplinary approach to heal, it is all the more important that all the healers be on the same page. You want the physical therapist and the massage therapist to work towards the same goals and to understand the interaction between both disciplines. Services under one roof can ensure the team is working together.


Pain Management Is A Holistic Discipline


Similarly, pain management is a holistic discipline that is often misunderstood. Many people believe pain management is a science of pharmacology – a sophisticated but straightforward practice of deploying the right medicine to manage pain.


However, modern pain management, especially in the age of the so-termed opioid addiction epidemic, is much more involved than simply visiting your doctor when your pain medicine prescription runs out. Physical therapy, massage, stress management, healing exercises, stretching, nutritional health, and many other techniques are deployed in modern pain management practices.


Chiropractic Services


Proper skeletal alignment is a necessity to return to the body to a condition in which proper healing can take place. Spinal alignment is critical. Restoring the integrity of the spine is necessary to reduce pressure on the nervous system, which is absolutely fundamental to healing and returning to health.


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