Types of Physical Therapy Treatments

Types of Physical Therapy Treatments

You have probably heard that physical therapy can help you recover and obtain pain relief after a car accident. Indeed, physical therapy can help accident victims improve mobility, find pain relief and help you recover after an accident.

But you may not know that various types of physical therapy treatments are available for car accident victims, depending on the nature of the injury.

Common types of physical therapy treatments after a car accident injury include –

  • Manual therapy, such as massage or manipulating joints and bones,
  • Exercise, to strengthen muscles and enhance ability to perform daily functions,
  • Ultrasound, to help reduce muscle spasms,
  • Education, on how to protect joints, do exercises at home and do daily tasks in a safe way,
  • Hydrotherapy, involving water and including exercise in water or using water for resistance so exercises can be done with less stress on the spine and joints,
  • Heat therapy, for enhancing muscle relaxation and improving blood circulation,
  • Cold/ice therapy, for reducing pain and swelling,
  • Electric stimulation, for lowering the sensation of pain in different areas of the body.

With a physical therapist, accident victims can learn ways, specific to their injuries, to strengthen or stretch the body, and the therapist can make sure the patient is continuing to exercise correctly, helping the person recover faster and fully.

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