Vehicle Accident Injuries & Trauma: Not Just a Physical Injury

Vehicle Accident Injuries & Trauma: Not Just a Physical Injury

The victims of vehicle accidents may sustain physical injuries as a direct result. However, more often than not, users also experience injuries to their psyche.

Vehicle accidents can be extremely frightening and traumatizing to the victims which can cause the development of long-term trauma. Even with the best physical therapy can offer, you won’t get a full recovery without dealing with the emotional side.

Trauma is a form of psychological wounding that must be treated entirely differently than a physical injury. This article will discuss the reality of trauma related to vehicle accident injuries and offer some suggestions on how to work through it.

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What Is Trauma?

Trauma is a term used to describe the results of a situation so intense that the emotional response surpasses an individual’s ability to cope.

These emotions, which are so intense and potent that they simply cannot be properly expressed or dealt with, are then stored in the victim’s psyche and their body. Here, the trauma will continue to produce effects both physical and emotional.

Physically, trauma can eventually become expressed through the development of various physical ailments or disorders.

The act of repressing emotions can have numerous psychosomatic effects that may result in various bodily symptoms. The symptoms depend on the individual in question, but the symptoms can be as widely varied as the types of trauma themselves. Not all places do, but the best physical therapy Colorado Springs will recognize this mind-body link.

Psychological symptoms can affect the way the victim behaves or reacts to external situations, especially those related to vehicles. It’s quite common for vehicle accident victims to become irrationally anxious or uncomfortable in vehicles after their accident. Some may be unable to even enter a vehicle or go near an active road.

Managing Trauma Caused by Vehicle Accidents

Learning how to manage your traumatic response is an extremely important component of your recovery. If you don’t deal with the emotional aspect of the accident, then even after the best physical therapy Colorado Springs can offer will not stave off the emotional side effects.

The most effective way to work through a traumatic experience is to speak with a counselor or therapist. They will help to guide you through a healthy emotional processing practice. They will also help you identify any areas of thinking or acting that have changed as a result of the trauma.

Self-reflection is also an important practice to undertake after an accident. This simply involves being honest and open with yourself about your feelings regarding the experience. If, for example, your first reaction or response is to tell others or yourself that you are completely fearless and unphased by the accident, you may be in denial and most likely still have some of the experience to unpack.

Recognizing and accepting all of the emotions associated with the accidents will help you recover both physically and mentally.


Vehicle accidents can be terrifying and cause injuries that can’t be healed even by the best physical therapy Colorado Springs. Any truly frightening experience may cause trauma, a psychological wound that is stored in the mind and body. Learning to overcome the trauma associated with your experience is important if you wish to have a full recovery.


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