What Distracts You Behind The Wheel Could Be Costly

What Distracts You Behind The Wheel Could Be Costly

When your medical practice is focused on holistic recovery from devastating injuries sustained during a car accident, there is nothing more important than avoiding getting into an accident in the first place. The team of car accident doctors in Colorado Springs is deeply concerned with safe driving practices as they include a wide spectrum of specialties focused on post-accident recovery.


The Colorado Accident & Injury clinic also provides whole-person recovery after an automobile accident by including physical therapy, physical therapy, massage therapy, speech therapy, neuropsychology, and the best-dedicated pain management doctors Colorado Springs can offer to automobile accident victims. Needless to say, it is heartbreaking to see the statistics of car accidents that clearly indicate a human error is accountable for the large majority of accidents.

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According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 12 of the top 14 causes of car accidents in events that included a fatality were preventable. Only adverse vision obscured by weather conditions and swerving to avoid a collision during slippery road conditions could be construed as unavoidable accidents that are commonly caused by “acts of God.” The rest were preventable and, it could be said, that drivers could always pull over when road or weather conditions turn against them.


That said, weather conditions can change very rapidly as rain can turn to snow or sleet very quickly and light rains can turn more dangerous at the drop of a hat. Here we will consider distracted driving, which comes up in the statistics as responsible for 5.7 percent of the fatality-level accidents on U.S. roads. That 5.7 percent seems small, but there is no number small when fatalities are concerned. In 2019, that 5.7 percent came to 2,994 car accident fatalities in 2019.


Among the fatalities listed here are fatal injuries sustained while drivers were taking selfies. But there are many types of distractions that can prove fatal for persons who are driving responsibly. The key point to remember is that a large number of seemingly innocent distractions can prove to be lethal. An infant crying in a car seat can cause drivers to take their eyes off the road. Children playing a silly game in the backseat can be distracting. Needless to say, trying to focus on your smartphone can cause accidents, especially when it involves reading or writing a text message.


Your brain, it turns out, can only entertain one thought at a time with the added feature (if we can call it that) of providing muscle memory, which allows people to tie their shoes while holding a conversation. Memories include these automatic allowances, which are the same as making a left turn in your car while listening to a song on the radio. However, there is a point of overload. Your conscious thoughts are also vitally important when driving a car if only to allow your brain to name a distraction that your eyes see or your ears hear.

A sharp focus on one particular field of medicine – in this case, automobile accident injuries – is by design the correct formula for creating the best chiropractor Colorado Springs has to offer in the field. The highly specialized practice guarantees a sharp, experienced staff dedicated to only one thing: Getting patients back on their feet as quickly as possible.

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