What Does A Neuropsychologist Do?

What Does A Neuropsychologist Do?

There are many devastating injuries one can sustain in an automobile accident, including lacerations, broken bones, whiplash, and more. Included in the list of potentially devastating injuries is head trauma, the term given to symptoms that come with a severe blow to the head.


Head trauma injuries can be mild or they can be life-changing in dramatic ways. Some brain trauma patients experience changes in cognition (thinking), memory, problem-solving abilities, concentration, and other critical brain functions.

A neuropsychologist is trained to diagnose and treat any head injury that affects behavior or cognitive functioning. During treatment, they work in conjunction with other doctors, social workers, staff members, and sometimes family members to help support the patient on his or her road to recovery.




A clinical neuropsychologist has had years of specialized training and experience that includes earning a doctorate. Their primary focus is on the relationship between brains and behavior. They then apply this knowledge to help persons with mild to severe brain injuries and diseases that also affect the health of the brain.




One of the key components of neuropsychological science is testing in manners that allow measurements of brain function. Memory and problem solving do not seem measurable to most of us. But a neuropsychologist uses standardized tests that allow them to quantify the extent of brain functions to measure how much the injury has affected thinking, mood control, memory, and other brain functions.


Automobile accidents and Neuropsychology


Unfortunately, automobile crashes create a very high risk of sustaining an injury to the head. At Colorado Accident & Injury, our team of specialists, including our neuropsychological support, can help your document your injury and loss of functioning that will prove to be invaluable if your case ever goes to court. 


Permanent Injury


Unfortunately, the brain cannot recover from some traumatic brain injuries and brain injuries are one of the top causes of fatalities in automobile accidents. However, those who recover from a severe blow to the head often turn to a neuropsychologist to learn or relearn new skills to patients regain functioning as much as possible. 


 The Whole Team Approach


Colorado Accident & Injury offers specialized services to automobile accident victims that include thorough documentation of injuries and of the loss of normal functioning that might occur. This multifaceted approach includes chiropractic care, pain management, massage, physical therapy, and neuropsychologists. Working together, we feel we can provide the best level of teamwork care that includes work with surgeons, family physicians, and other specialists involved in your recovery.


Importance of Diagnosing


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