What is an Automobile Accident Specialist?

What is an Automobile Accident Specialist?

Most victims involved in an automobile accident know where to find a trusted mechanic or a body shop to take care of damage to their car. But many people are unfamiliar with the response that may be the most critical: who to call for immediate medical treatment and documentation of injuries.


An automobile accident specialist – yes, a medical professional – is a relatively uncommon term to hear, most likely because automobile accident specialists go by many other names, such as a doctor, neurologist, internist, chiropractor, imaging technician, pain doctor or physical therapist.



While automobile accident specialists maintain busy, successful medical practices or spent most of their time with other types of patients, there is a critical difference between what these medical professionals do for accident victims as compared to standard patients. The key component of accidental injury care is the skills and ability to document injuries in a manner that is suitable for use by attorneys, should that ever become necessary.


An All-Too Common Problem


Hopefully, you will never be in a position of having to seek medical help after an automobile accident, but the truth is accidents on the road are pretty frequent. Over 1.25 million Americans are injured in automobile accidents each year, according to the National Highway Safety Administration. Perhaps logically, the busiest time of the week for injuries on the road is Friday during the afternoon rush hour. For unknown reasons, October is the busiest month in terms of automobile accident injuries.


Types of Injuries


Many trauma-related injuries occur during automobile accidents. Among the most common is an injury called whiplash, which is the term used when your neck is jolted so hard that the cervical facet joints in the neck become misaligned or bruised. Pain from whiplash can be delayed, making it critical to see an automobile accident specialist, especially after a rear-end collision, even if you feel the accident has not hurt you.


Other types of injuries sustained in automobile accidents include concussion and brain trauma, bone fractures or breaks, lacerations, and, potentially, internal bleeding, plus injuries to the chest, ribs, spine, and abdomen.


The medical team approach


An automobile accident specialist is often a catchphrase that refers to a clinic or a team of physicians, nurses, and technicians. The most critical first step after an accident is a proper diagnosis, and this may include help from several specialists. Most often, a patient starts with a doctor or a nurse who may ask for an X-ray, CAT scan, or another type of imaging specialist to look closely at your internal skeletal structure and tissues. In addition, a physical therapist could be called in to document the range of motion, loss of functioning, and pain levels. Lab work – including blood and urine analysis – might be recommended, as well.


Treatment Options


Automobile accident specialists are qualified doctors who are prepared to diagnose and document your injuries. However, they are also trained and prepared for various treatment options depending on the injury.


You may be referred to a surgeon or a nearby specialist for a full range of treatment options, depending, of course, on the extent of your injuries. In the meantime, the proper diagnosis is critical for both treatment and for legal reasons. The key is to see and automobile accident specialist without delay for a diagnosis, treatment, and documentation of your injuries.


Call for help


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