What Is Physical Therapy and Why You Need It

What Is Physical Therapy and Why You Need It

For those used to regular checkups, “physical therapy” is a term that should ring a bell. This is especially true for accident victims, orthopedic surgery patients, and individuals with rigorous lifestyles. Yet, not everyone is familiar with the concept of physical therapy and its importance, not just to patients but to all individuals.  As such, we take you through physical therapy and why you need it.

What Is Physical Therapy

Physical therapy or PT is a medical treatment utilized in rehabilitating basic functional movements, such as walking, standing, and moving different body parts. Physical therapy has proven to be a potent treatment for illnesses and injuries resulting from unchecked pains, restrictive mobility, and movement inhibition.

Medical practitioners advise patients to engage in physical therapy for different reasons. However, these reasons are categorized into preventive and corrective treatments. As the name suggests, therapists can work with patients to correct imbalances in their movements. These imbalances could be a result of physical injuries or certain medical conditions. Just as well, routines and treatments can also be implemented to prevent the impact of injuries and enhance functional movements, hence the “preventive” tag.

Who Needs Physical Therapy?

The majority of individuals that engage in physical therapy are accident victims, as it remains an effective treatment for pains and injuries. By addressing the underlying issue causing the pain, PT provides relief and helps make corrections to mobility dysfunctions, as well as prevent further problems.

The benefits of PT for pains and injuries caused by accidents have been broadly publicized. Yet, not all issues are a result of accidents. Illnesses such as muscular dystrophy, body pains, and limited range of motion, to mention a few, are some common ailments that plague many people and can be prevented or corrected by physical therapy. This, therefore, highlights the importance of PT to basically everyone engaging in some form of rigorous or unnatural activity.

First, PT helps stretch tight muscles and joints, maintaining flexibility and a higher range of motion. It also serves as a strengthening exercise that can help reinforce your muscle structure. Physical therapy is also a post-surgical routine for coping with pains, scar tissues, ROM, and strength imbalances.

In summary, if you seek relief from pains, better movement, strength, and flexibility, then physical therapy is what you need. It is and will always remain an essential treatment for functional mobility issues.

The Process of Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is nothing short of dynamic activity in the sense that therapists engage in scientific-based treatments to manage, preserve and enhance a patient’s physical condition. The entire physical therapy treatment embodies the following activities;

  • Diagnosing and treating functional movement inhibition, inline with improving a patient’s physical and functional capacity.
  • Aside from diagnosis and treatment, PT also covers overall fitness and quality of life regarding healthy functional movement.
  • Preventive treatments to avert symptoms and progression of dysfunctions, mobility limitations, and ailments caused by medical conditions and injuries.

At Colorado Accident and Injury Center, we engage in all these activities to help you treat different types of functional limitations caused by car accidents. Our highly qualified professionals offer a plethora of services, including physical therapy. Contact us today to enlist the services of some of the best physical therapists in Colorado.

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