What To Do Immediately After A Car Accident

What To Do Immediately After A Car Accident

Immediate Medical Needs


To survive a car accident, you must do something that is not always the first thing that comes to mind after a wreck. You must first take care of the immediate life-threatening injuries that you or someone else may have sustained.


Under “normal times” this would be the most obvious and, one would think, the most consistent reaction to a car accident: To make sure everyone is all right. But automobile accidents are enormous emotional jolts to the system as well. If your car is somewhat new and heavily damaged, you might first feel compelled to express your emotions about seeing a prized possession wrecked. Cars cost a lot of money. You may find yourself caught up in assigning blame for the accident. It is easy to get spun around in the heat of the moment and think about something besides everyone’s immediate needs. But that is the first and most absolute concern.


What Remains In Harm’s Way?


Automobiles just involved in accidents could certainly be blocking traffic, which also means persons remaining in the cars could be at risk of being injured again. Yet, you do not want to move someone from a car wreck if they have sustained a neck injury or if they are wedged in the wreckage.


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If you cannot move people out of harm’s way, then it is important to direct traffic away from the injured people to ensure their safety remains the highest priority.


Legal Considerations


No matter what state you are in, it is illegal to leave the scene of an accident in which property damage or physical injury occurred. The other driver may be trying to convince you “everything is OK,” when, in fact, it is not. You should only leave an accident scene if a police officer tells you that it is OK to leave. 


There are medical and property-damage considerations that may not be apparent right away. Severe injuries can go undetected. Do not make a judgment on this, even if you are medically trained because it is assumed your emotional state may be compromised and your judgments will certainly be compromised by circumstances or emotional shock. It is also illegal for a doctor who has been in an accident to leave the scene of the accident until the proper authorities clear them to do so.


Hidden Injuries


Among the most common physical injuries that can go undetected right away are some very dangerous problems. These include injuries to the neck that could worsen if not diagnosed and treated right away and brain trauma injuries in which hemorrhaging is occurring without anything more than a complaint of a bothersome headache.


You will need attention from qualified diagnosing professionals as soon as possible. You also need to see qualified car accident doctors. Colorado Springs, home to Colorado Accident & Injury, offers specialized care focused on diagnosing and treating persons involved in car accidents.


Why A Car Accident Medical Center


Medical clinics that specialize in automobile accidents do so primarily for two reasons. One of these reasons is because proper diagnosing after an automobile accident involves accurate documentation of injuries in a style and manner consistent with the needs of insurance companies and lawyers. This takes specialized training and experience. Not all medical clinics are focused on getting the critical paperwork done perfectly the first time around.


The other reason is simply that car accidents tend to produce traumatic injuries of certain types. No one doctor can answer to all of the injury possibilities, but a medical clinic that focuses on automobile accidents can assemble the best team for a team response that covers all bases. With this approach, you could find in one location the best physical therapists working side by side with the best chiropractor. Colorado Springs is home to such a clinic at Colorado Accident & Injury.


Who To Call


Dial 719-917-1000 to reach car accident doctors Colorado Springs, where diagnosing and patient care are focused on the needs of automobile accident victims.

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